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Sea Goddess Healing Arts, LLC has been created through a community of soul sisters from ancient times past and woven from the silver threads of monthly moon circles. Sea Goddess Healing Arts honors the divine feminine as she rises up from within us all. It has been many moons, many ceremonies and many intentions, which began for us in 2019. We are now collaborating with a beautiful collective of local healers and artisans, working together to lay the foundation for a New Earth and resurrect Jonathan Pitney's original vision for Atlantic City as a health resort and healing destination for South Jersey and for the World. 


The Light & Sound Healing Arts Festival was our first public event, a fundraiser for the Absecon Lighthouse located in the North Inlet of Atlantic City, NJ. The theme of the event was Healing Forward, as we celebrated the return of the Light and the rebirth of life in the spring season. The festival was born through a vision of a sound healing event using the Lighthouse as a natural sound chamber for a crystal singing bowl sound bath. The vision manifested quickly and we were blessed to bring this vision to life at our beacon, the Absecon Lighthouse. Hundreds of people came out on May 1st and celebrated with us!

Since then, we've held several free community events in Atlantic City including monthly Surf and Soul Drum Circles, and festivals and farmers markets at Absecon Lighthouse. Our first Last Splash fundraiser and Mermaids and Pirates festival in September 2022 was a big hit! You can also find us around town and South Jersey at pop up events including local markets and events. We are honored to work and collaborate with several local organizations including the Absecon Lighthouse, C.R.O.P.S., the AC Arts Foundation and the Marine Mammal Stranding Center. Check out our Events page or subscribe to our email list to see our schedule of events and find out where we'll be. We love hosting and participating in community as well as online.

MANDEE ELAM (Co-Founder & GIC/Goddess In Chief, Sea Goddess Healing Arts) is an Intuitive Ascension Guide and Medicine Woman of the Soul. She is gifted to see the soul and where it is on its ascension path in the spiritual awakening process. Mandee intuitively senses stored trauma and unconscious patterns and helps her clients bring them to the surface for healing. This approach teaches her clients how to build trust in the universe and themselves in order to remove patterns and blocks that are keeping them from living their most authentic life. Mandee has communicated with angels, her spirit guides, had premonitions and saw the divine light within souls her whole life. She believes God is an all encompassing energy of love. As a Spiritual Teacher and Empowerment Coach, Mandee has helped countless clients overcome fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, and grief leading to finding peace, self love, purpose, and joy. 


Mandee's past experience includes two decades of designing and facilitating educational, recreational and social work programs in several states and municipalities including Vermont, New York and Colorado. Past positions include Assistant Parks and Recreation Director, HUD Housing Counselor, Case Manager, Snowboarding Coach and Aquatics Director. She currently volunteers as a Sea Life Museum Guide at the Marine Mammal Stranding Center in Brigantine. Mandee is wholeheartedly dedicated to healing the ocean, land, and all of its inhabitants.


URSULA DUFFY (Co-Founder & GOO/Goddess of Operations, Sea Goddess Healing Arts): is a Professional Astrologer, Certified Aromatherapist and Cosmic Guide. With her brand Ursa Alchemy, she blends intuitive and healing arts to support the soul. Ursula answered the calling from the universe over 10 years ago. Throughout that journey she learned how to develop her intuition and communicate with spirit while learning the healing arts of Astrology and Aromatherapy. She assists and supports her clients during their own personal transformation by guiding them to open their minds and hearts to the language of the plants, planets and spirit, and to Live in Touch with Their Soul.

For over 15 years Ursula worked as a certified professional Geospatial Scientist mapping for local and federal government. She has been a team leader in every position specializing in organizing, teaching, training and managing projects. As an astrologer Ursula, is shifting into her true calling to create and retrieve cosmic maps to help people navigate and discover their soul's journey. Ursula is available for Astrology readings and Aromatherapy/Astrological aromatherapy consults, and recently launched her own podcast: Becoming Chiron - The Key to Unlocking Healing and Personal Alchemy. Ursula also created the signature aromatherapy blend for Sea Goddess Healing Arts, available for you to experience and enjoy in an Energy Cleansing Spray and Roll-on perfume (both are available in Ursula's store).

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Sea Goddess Healing Arts is a lighthouse for the Soul. Our mission is to soothe and inspire community through hope, creativity, kindness, wellness, compassion and consciousness.

We are a collective of heart-led healing artists, creative artisans, musicians and New Earth visionaries here to shine our light in the world and be of service to humanity through intuitive gifts and healing modalities.
Sea Goddess Healing Arts is based in Atlantic City, NJ with a network of healing artists
throughout the world.

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