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Welcome to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts
Ascension Apothecary

Here you will find exclusive, collaborative services, products and special offerings. All of which are intended to highlight the synergy of our team of healing artists and to assist you in raising your vibration. 

Sea Goddess Soul Spa

Are you ready to indulge in Soul Space?

Explore our collaborative services.

Ascend with the power of the Sea Goddess Healing Arts team creating unique experiences by working together.

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Image by Matt Bluejay

Family Astrology Coaching

Have you ever wished your children came with an instruction manual?


Or even how to navigate the dynamics of your family? 

Our birth charts reveal a wealth of information about our Soul's lessons and even lessons we came here to learn together.


The Soul's Rebirth offerings unravel the mysteries using Astrology and years of parenting experience. 

Aromatherapy Products

Sea Goddess Healing Arts Signature Aromatherapy Blend!


Our signature blend and products are hand-crafted by Ursula, our Certified Aromatherapist.


The Sea Goddess Blend is based on our business birth chart. It's one-of-a-kind and only available here!

Enjoy the essence of the beach in a smokeless smudge Energy Cleansing Spray or a Roll-On Perfume.

Calling all Sea Gods! We now have a Beard Oil too!

Signature Scent Energy Cleansing Sprays.JPG
Sandy Beach

Guided Meditations

Meditations to Guide Your Journey.

Meditation is an ancient practice for presence, to quiet the mind and expand your consciousness.

Allow us to guide you on your ascension journey with a variety of meditations with purpose.

Created by our team with love.

The Energy Exchange

Trade Services with Us!

One way to transcend the modern-day financial system is to start by being the change. We want to foster returning to a trade-based, or barter system.

Do you have a service, talent or niche?

Would you like to trade with us?

We're interested in assistance with marketing, video editing/production and media.

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