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My name is Crystal Jordan and I have been seeing, hearing, and experiencing spirit for my entire life. I grew up in a small town called Charlotte Michigan and have lived there pretty much my whole life. Growing up as an empathic, spiritual medium was not always easy. I had struggled with family issues, low self esteem, anxiety, and depression for most of my life. On top of that I was always the odd one that no one really connected with. 


Of course, life wasn't always horrible. As I got older I learned to "fit in", so to speak, and become what looks to be normal to most. Which to my own detriment helped me fit into social situations. Making it easier for me to make friends and be a part of school activities from fifteen to eighteen years old. I say to my own detriment because as I stopped being myself I grew more anxious, depressed and unable to cope with the emotional problems that I had bottled up my whole life. 


Skipping forward to July of 2012, my life was at its lowest point. I had worked as a medical assistant from 2003-2012. I was newly married to a man that would later turn out to be one of the biggest lessons in my life. And I had stopped working completely due to a skiing accident. Not that not working wasn't great, what was awful, was that I had this deep urge to escape quickly from the medical field. I had no clue who I was, where I was going, what I wanted to do and felt utterly lost. A deep mind, soul, body lost that made breathing everyday seem difficult. 


I should also state that at this stage in my life I considered myself an atheist. However, I was willing to try anything to find myself. So I pleaded to a God, that I did not necessarily believe in, to show me my path. What am I? Who am I? At this point, pure desperation. In July, my family decided to take a trip to the 1839 Jackson prison for a tour. That whole day had been a disaster for me, anxiety-wise. I remember, I was nervous the moment I woke up. 


As we made our way in, they ushered us into what was now a large, open area that looked like a school cafeteria. It felt so heavy to me. I was there for maybe five minutes and heard a male whisper my name. I turned around, no one was there. After that, I was touched, poked and called out to over and over. I blew it all off because I had always heard, seen and felt things that others hadn't. 


As we made our way through, we finally got to what is the solitary confinement area. That is when things went from normal spirit stuff, to something I myself could not explain. As everyone else went down the stairwell, I myself could not physically bring myself to walk down the stairs. I wasn't scared per say, just had a deep, "do not go down there" feeling. I tell people that it was like there was an invisible door that I could not bring myself to open. 


After five minutes of back and forth with myself, I called myself a baby, took a deep breath and walked through the opening to the stairs. I proceeded down with gusto and as soon as I got with the rest of the group, I became instantly dizzy. So much so that I couldn't see, so I placed my hand on the wall to gain footing. The moment I did that, my world disappeared. I cannot quite explain what I saw or felt because it was everything that had happened in that area. I was punched in the gut by the deepest set of emotions I had ever felt. I saw faces of inmates run at me, into me and through me as they screamed, laughed, cried and begged to be let out. I smelled vomit and urine. That was the moment I blacked out. I do not know what happened but I woke up in a chair upstairs crying uncontrollably. 


On the way home, I had told my husband that I needed to contact someone. I knew after being in the medical field myself that if I went to the doctor, I would have some sort of psychiatric disorder. My gut told me that I needed a spiritual adviser and at the time I thought it was because I was possessed. I wasn't but it was the only rational thing that I could think of. 


As soon as I got home I made an email and sent it to every spiritual adviser/healer that I could find. Remembering back now, I didn't know who I was contacting where because if I did, I most definitely wouldn't have sent it to someone in New York, but I did. Out of all of the emails that I sent, I received one email back, from Pat Longo. Her sister contacted me back, told me that I was not crazy and set me up with and over the phone healing from Pat. 


That is pretty much what leads me to be here, channeling for all of you now. Pat explained that I wasn't sick, or possessed, I was an empathic medium and that I could use it or run from it, but spirit would most likely run faster and meet me where I was going. She gave me hope, paperwork and sent me on my way to learn with my guides. Which I did and it has been a fantastic ride. I am grateful to say that I love what I do and I genuinely feel as though I am exactly where I am supposed to be. Channeling your loved ones, helping give peace through spirit. Helping teach others how to understand what took me so long to get here. 


Crystal Jordan

~Mid Mitten Medium~