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KENDRA HAMMELL was born in Wilkes -Barre Pa but has been a NJ resident since the age of 8. She grew up in Brigantine and graduated from Atlantic City High. She studied Studio Art in college but started her Real Estate career and quickly became a professional before graduating school. 


Kendra is a type 1 diabetic, heart attack survivor, fibromyalgia warrior and medical marijuana advocate.  Her experiences with addiction, abuse, trauma and anxiety brought her to the crystal healing process.  She has had tremendous success and much improvement with her quality of life and wants to help others find their light! 


Kendra is a level 1 Holy Fire & Archangel Light Reiki trainee and a Usui Reiki Master & Teacher as well as a Crystal Reiki Master & Teacher. She uses her ability of clairsentience to pick out crystals during a session of healing as well as claircognizance to guide her through the session.  Kendra also makes custom Crystal Grids and offers them as an addition to her healing sessions. Higher Self Healing was born in 2021! She has a studio in Absecon, NJ and lives with her Husband Clint and their daughter Khloe. 

Kendra is the co-host of TOKE & A TALK with Mandee Elam on the Sea Goddess Healing Arts Channel on You Tube.

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