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MANDEE ELAM (Co-Founder, Sea Goddess Healing Arts) is an Intuitive Ascension Guide and Medicine Woman of the Soul. She is gifted to see the soul and where it is on its ascension path in the awakening process. Mandee intuitively senses stored trauma and unconscious patterns and helps her clients bring them to the surface for healing. This approach teaches her clients how to build trust in the universe and themselves in order to remove patterns and blocks that are keeping them from living their most authentic life.


Mandee has communicated with angels, her spirit guides, had premonitions and saw the divine light within souls her whole life. She believes God is an all encompassing energy of love. As a Spiritual Teacher and Empowerment Coach, Mandee has helped countless clients overcome fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, sadness, and grief leading to finding peace, self love, purpose, and joy. Mandee works with women and men who are survivors of physical, emotional, and sexual trauma. She is also known as a “healer's healer” and helps high vibrational beings, find the trauma and conditioning that is preventing them from ascending on their soul's path at this time. She helps souls to perform their shadow work and ascend to the next dimension. Mandee works closely with the Angelic Realm and Magdalene Consciousness. Mandee also offers affordable options for those who need assistance. If you are interested in working with Mandee and would like to discuss sliding scale rates, please email us at

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While Intuitive Readings can be supportive to your healing journey, readings are for entertainment only. They are not a substitute for therapy or situations and conditions requiring professional medical assistance. 

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