Sea Goddess Healing Arts Soul Broadcast ~ April 2022 ~ April Showers Bring May Flowers

Hello, and welcome to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts monthly Soul Broadcast!

Our collective intention is to share with you topics and information relevant to current energies, the Healing Arts, tools and modalities, and whatever our Souls are wishing to share with you every month. This month's theme is April Showers Bring May Flowers. Also, new this month is our first local artist contribution feature! We welcome Krystle Bailey to this month's Soul Broadcast!

We hope you love and find this monthly offering helpful, and a great resource in your own healing journey. Thank you for tuning into your hearts and our collective Soul space.


How to Cleanse Your Energy

by Mandee Elam

(Medicine Woman of the Soul/Co-Founder and GIC at Sea Goddess Healing Arts)

Image: Renee Kiffin on Unsplash

You know that feeling when things get a little too messy and a little too cluttered in your life? Whether it's your room, your office, your home, your car, your pets, yourself…we all know that feeling when we've had enough and it's time to clean. We literally throw our hands up and get out our tools such as vacuums, mops, dust brushes, and cleaning products. Sometimes we put on our music and we get to work. The reason we get that feeling is because our energy field is telling us so. It's literally screaming, please clean me, I’m dusty, overwhelmed and I’ve had enough.

We don't talk about it a lot, but our physical environment is actually an extension of our energetic fields. We know when our energy fields are in need of cleaning because we start to feel things such as stagnant, unmotivated, resentful, down, stuck in the same loops, you get the idea and I'm sure you could keep adding to this list. My Mom once taught me "move a muscle, change of thought". This resonated so much. When I would find myself ruminating on things and feeling stuck, I'd often find that the things outside of me were stuck too. My room needed to be cleaned or my car. After I did a little cleaning, I'd feel so much better and have a much clearer perspective on my life. When we physically pair an action step with a thought, we begin to shift the energy around us. Louise Hay says “a feeling is a thought in action and a thought can be changed.” I agree and like to incorporate that intention when cleaning my energy field. If we change our thought in the moment and pair it with a physical action step, magic can happen.

As we all recently learned, our biomagnetic field, which is our energy field, goes out about 6 to 8 feet around our body. This is our comfort zone. We can all feel and notice when someone's in our comfort zone. This energetic field also will retain energy from other people, situations and experiences that we've had. Just like our physical space, it's important to be mindful of our energetic one. Take inventory on what is still present in your field mentally, physically, and emotionally, and see if you still want it there.

Here are a few tools to help you cleanse your energy field:

  1. Sage - Sage is antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial. When burned, it cleanses and purifies the air around us, as well as, helps to cut energy cords that are no longer serving us. Simply light some sage, crack a window, take a twirl in it and say thank you angels for releasing what is no longer serving me at this time. Thank you for bringing me back into Harmony and balance with myself and that around me. I leave it by my front door and take a twirl when I get home. I also sage my house and clear the energy every time I vacuum. Lighting a white candle after helps to keep the energy pure. Can’t hurt, right?

  2. Water - Water is just magic. It is the only element that can be a solid, gas, and a liquid. We use it to bathe ourselves and can use it to cleanse our energy. When taking a shower or a bath simply imagine the water removing all energetic cords that are no longer serving you, visualize them being washed down the drain. I like to thank the water for cleansing, purifying, and helping me feel new again. Soaking your feet in saltwater is incredibly neutralizing as well. Water Gazing or meditating near water and asking it to take away what is no longer serving, can be just as powerful.

  3. Exercise - Exercising literally helps us to purge and release unwanted toxins and energies that are no longer serving us from within. There are so many healthy ways to express and emote such as dancing, running, lifting, swimming, taking walks, connecting with nature, and many more. When we can create a little bit of a fire within ourselves, it helps us to burn, purify and cleanse from within. Sometimes when I can't stand the energy anymore, I just put on a song and dance it out.

  4. Selenite Wand - The Selenite Wand is one of my favorite tools to use for cleansing. Selenite is a crystal of the angels and one of the only ones that is self-cleansing. When you wave the wand around your energy field and ask it to cut cords, you truly feel the energy shift, move and change. I slowly wave the wand about a foot in front of me and a foot behind me and ask my guides to cut all cords that no longer serve me, return them where they belong and bring me back to peace. Most of the time I literally feel tingles.

I hope this offers you a little bit of support on your soul's beautiful journey. Hang in there. Remember April showers bring May flowers and most of the time, things feel cleaner and calmer after the storm.


Looking UP in Awe and Wonder

Cosmic Showers ~ A Pileup in Pisces

by Ursula Duffy

(Co-Founder and GOO at Sea Goddess Healing Arts, Professional Astrologer and Certified Aromatherapist/Founder, Ursa Alchemy)

Image: Austin Schmid on Unsplash

The energy has been building for a while, but it wasn't until Saturday, 4/9 in particular, that I started noticing the extreme influences. The clouds, the weather, my dreams, reflections, Spring springing. Everything has felt liminal and imaginary and like the bardo. Existence has felt like walking a tight rope between realities. I went to the beach on Saturday, 4/9 and the experience was ethereal. There was a rain shower off the coast, the kind that you can see from the shore. The clouds were amorphous, gray, white, pink, blue and all shades in between, ever flowing and changing. It was sunny and shady and cold and warm and raining. The sky's reflection was crystal clear in the mirror shimmer of retreating waves, strewn with flocks of sandpipers. At one point, the roar of the ocean startled me, sounding like a fighter jet, and for the first time in a very long time, I watched rain drops falling on the wet shoreline sand. Totally surreal.

I liken the vibe of late, the current Cosmic Showers if you will, to movies like Vanilla Sky, Waking Life, What Dreams May Come and The Shape of Water. Stories that exist in a fantastical version of reality, in a dream or on the verge of many dimensions that all blend into one. Like existing in a Monet painting, or " sleep - perchance to dream...", or entirely unsure if we're dreaming this experience, or if we're in someone else's dream. This is the lived experience of the Jupiter/Neptune energy, the exact convergence clicked into exactness on April 12th at 9:22 am (EDT). This is the extreme essence, expression and once in our lifetimes energy of these two planets meeting up in Pisces (23 degrees), which last happened in March of 1856. You may have been feeling extra sensitive, extra intuitive, great sadness or volatile emotions, like escaping, exhausted, dazed and confused, super inspired creatively or having vivid, lucid dreams. It can be some or one extreme, or all of the above. Listen to your body. "Open your eyes."

We also had a Libra Full Moon on Saturday, 4/16, which was at the helm of Venus in Pisces; her happy place, but also where the rose-colored glasses are worn as an overdone accessory. Relationships were in the spotlight and the confusing and emotional energies may have a tuned up influence. This Full Moon also opened up the energy gateway for the first Eclipse Season of 2022 (4/16 - 5/20). Remember, this is the first and only time in our lives we're experiencing this particular vibe in the Cosmos, collectively and individually. We currently have four planets and one Goddess asteroid in the zodiac sign of Pisces (Jupiter, Neptune, Venus, Mars and Juno). The waning Moon just exited the sign today, meeting up with each one along the way. Pisces allows us to open up to our own transcendence and connection to Source, but it can feel confusing. It may be helpful to know the Pisces part of your chart, where this is happening, and how that relates to the rest of your Soul's finger