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Sea Goddess Healing Arts Soul Broadcast ~ August 2023 ~ Align with Your Heart/Authenticity

Updated: May 1

Image by Jay Antol on Unsplash

Hello Soul Garden Members! Welcome to August's Soul Broadcast!

Our collective intention is to share with you topics and information relevant to current energies, the Healing Arts, tools and modalities, and whatever our Souls are wishing to share with you every month.

This month's theme is Align with Your Heart/Authenticity.

We hope you love and find this monthly offering helpful, and a great resource in your own healing journey.

Thank you for tuning into your hearts and our collective Soul space.


Tuning into the Portal of Your Heart

by Mandee Elam

(Medicine Woman of the Soul/Co-Founder and GIC at Sea Goddess Healing Arts)

The portal of your heart is where you find the energetic strings that indicate whether you're in alignment or not. Oftentimes anxiety is caused simply from doing things that are not in alignment for us. And it can be hard to discern what is and what isn't for us. Sometimes you might want to go to a concert with your friends, but something in your gut or your heart is telling you it's not quite right. Sometimes we push past that and then find out it wasn't the best idea to go. You may get food poisoning, get a flat tire, trip and fall, etc. Often after the experience, hindsight is 20/20 and you realize why you didn't want to go in the first place. This is just a small example of how this energy works. It's one thing to push yourself just a little out of your comfort zone and to experience something new. You'll feel a little nervousness and excitement with that. However, when things are not in alignment it

does not feel good.

Sometimes we have a fear of missing out. Whether it be a job, relationship, or experience. Sometimes we cross our own boundaries and allow our minds and people to convince us otherwise. At the end of the day, when we learn to tune into our heart and listen for what it's pulling us to, and honor it, we can make magic happen. Tuning into your heart is a true act of trust. It's getting out of your head, getting out of your gut and truly tuning into what your heart is pulling you toward. You will actually energetically feel this as well. It will pulse. It will feel a little warm and it will literally pull you forward. I encourage myself and clients to make decisions based on what their heart wants most, Not what anyone else thinks or might think. Even if their decision causes some pain to others most of the time it was for the highest good of all. A lot of the time we live out of alignment because we don't want to hurt others. When really, the truth is , everyone can have more peace and move on with their life in a more sovereign way when the truth is known. I invite you to tune into your heart more this coming month. See if you can really feel its heartstrings. Try to make decisions based on what your heart wants most without fear of what others will think and see what you witness in your own sovereign journeys. Truly from the voice of your heart, not ego.

With love, light, and gratitude always,


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Looking UP in Awe and Wonder

Checking In With Venus

by Ursula Duffy

(Co-Founder and GOO at Sea Goddess Healing Arts, Professional Astrologer and Certified Aromatherapist/Founder, Ursa Alchemy)

My contribution this month is a video with information, guidance and more regarding the current Venus Retrograde.

Affirmation: The strongest relationship I have is the one with myself.

Card and Guidance/Healing Process from the Sacred Rebels Oracle

Sacred Rebels Oracle Card

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With Love & Venusian Blessings,


Time to Cut Ties to Align

with Lexi Duquette

(Mermaid in the Mountains)

A major theme rising this August is cutting ties with anything holding you back from aligning with the most authentic version of you! Our personal Authenticity is key in finding alignment with our purpose and happiness. It’s the spark within that lights us up- it’s our “weird” as I like to say. Being our Authentic self is being true to our own spirit and personality. It may sound so simple but for many, myself included, it’s kinda uncomfortable and can be a journey filled with challenges and realizations. Finding my Authentic Self personally has been a journey inward through the layers of conditioning, societal pressures, handed down mindsets and past life traumas. It’s been a process of awakening awareness of the containers, labels and mindsets that hold me back from aligning with my higher self.

Our Astrologer and GOO Ursula Duffy compared the current Venus Retrograde to the new Barbie movie and it painted a vision in my mind's eye of Barbie waking up and breaking out of the box she has been put in freeing herself from the labels and limits put upon her. It shines light on the importance of breaking free from the beliefs, thoughts and things holding us back from living life Authentically. The very first step is to acknowledge and bring awareness to external influences and internal influences and keep in mind if the decisions we are making and action we are taking are based off external or internal drive. It’s literally the year of awakening to our soul's purpose, and it’s time to break free from the “Boxes” we have been conditioned to be in. It’s time to free ourselves and align with the most Authentic Versions of ourselves. When we allow outside influences to determine our decisions we make for ourselves, it often leads to stress and disease, dis-ease within our body. So it is time to cut those cords to free ourselves and align

with our truest versions!

What cords do you need to cut to make room for alignment??


Authenticity and a Heart Led Life

by Jess Himmel

(Modern Day Mary Poppins, Intuitive Artist (Orgone Original Works) & Energy Reader/Medium)

Sacred Geometry Activations Oracle Deck

"The energy of authenticity supports our choice to be genuine and truthful in all aspects of our lives, with others as well as with ourselves."

Living authentically or from the heart, means that you are true to your own personality, values and spirit, regardless of the pressure you're under to act otherwise. Being authentic is living according to your own values and goals, rather than those of other people or society. You are honest with yourself and others, and take responsibility for your actions and choices. To me, living a heart led, authentic life is when your values, goals, ideals, and actions all align.

It isn't easy to live authentically. A lot of the time, being true to what you feel and know to be right, means you go against the norm or what is expected. It can mean being, or at least being seen as unconventional. It's important not to mind what others think while making choices, and tune into your heart for the answers and guidance you seek.

When you live inauthentically, or make choices that don't serve your truth, life can seem overwhelming and difficult. You can become detached from yourself because you're not honoring what your heart truly wants. When you act from the heart, life naturally becomes easier, and the universe is able to work for and with you.

Loving and getting to know yourself is key to living authentically. People can feel when others are happy and comfortable with who they are. Becoming who you are meant to be, often opens space for them to do the same. In my opinion, this creates a ripple effect that can, and will change the world.

We need more people to express their own uniqueness! The world is full of people traveling a path that is not truly theirs. When you let your own individuality shine, you will notice that people with a similar vibration or path will show up in your life. Your relationships will become more meaningful and what isn't right for you will fall away naturally.

My best advice is to NOT try, force, worry or struggle and to just BE. Listen to yourself. Listen to the inner voice and honor what it says. Your heart knows the way.

Tori Amos, a musical artist I love dearly, expresses some inner dialog that comes with her own choice to live authentically despite expectations in the song "Girl" from her album "Little Earthquakes" Find link to song below:

-Girl By Tori Amos-

To give further insight towards living the concept of authenticity, I've drawn a 3 card spread from The Dream Weaver's Oracle Deck By Collette Baron-Reid and included the guidebook meanings.

With the cards pictured are 2 Snowflake Obsidian Tumbles and an Orgone Original Works Pyramid made with Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rhodochrosite, Selenite, Green Aventurine, Aluminum Shavings, Pink & Blue Glitter and Resin.

-3 Card Spread-

The Dream Weaver's Oracle Deck By Collette Baron-Reid

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Love & Blessings,



We hope you've enjoyed this month's theme and all of our contributions. Wishing you a beautiful August and end of the Summer season!

Thank you for being a member of our Soul Garden Tribe!


With Love, Light & Gratitude,

Mandee, Ursula, Lexi and Jess


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