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Sea Goddess Healing Arts Soul Broadcast ~ February 2022

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Love Street by Michelle Franzoni, Art by MU

Hello, and welcome to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts monthly Soul Broadcast!

Our collective intention is to share with you topics and information relevant to current energies, the Healing Arts, tools and modalities, and whatever our Souls are wishing to share with you every month. This month's theme is Love Breaks the Matrix/Love Wins. We hope you love and find this monthly offering helpful, and a great resource in your own healing journey. Thank you for tuning into your hearts and our collective Soul space.


What is the Matrix and How Do We Create a New One?

by Mandee Elam

(Co-Founder and GIC, Sea Goddess Healing Arts/Intuitive Ascension Guide)

In Latin, the word Matrix means "Womb" or "Mother." From what I've come to understand, a Matrix is an energetic portal and a webbing. A portal to new life, as well as, a webbing of belief systems. The current matrix we live in, is a combination of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that we as humans, have consciously and unconsciously co-created. As a result, we co-created the current systems and world in which we live. Overall, we agreed to it in some way or another. That can be a hard pill to swallow, but it's also an opportunity for change.

We all have heard of and dreamed of this concept of New Earth. Though, we have no idea how we're going to create it, or how we're going to get there, almost all of us can agree that this New Earth will carry the energies of peace, love, freedom, acceptance and prosperity.

When we watch the movie "The Matrix", what is Morpheus trying to teach Neo? Mostly, that he has everything he needs within him to connect to his higher self and Source / God. Many things are distracting, but if he tunes in and chooses love or faith over fear, it often serves him. There are always more moments and opportunities to practice and to tune into the portals of our hearts. Opportunities to ask our souls and our higher selves what they are trying to tell us about what we are experiencing at this time. The ways that we co-create a New Earth and a new Matrix are by choosing new and different thoughts, responses, actions, and intentions. We can only do this when we start to co-create peace within ourselves. To show up as our own heroes and release victimhood.

5 steps to creating a New Matrix:

  1. Believe in yourself. Give yourself permission to have a sense of knowing. Know you're capable and know you can heal. Know you can create peace. Know you don't have to feel this way forever. Know that what you want is achievable and that whatever you put your mind to is possible. If you need support to build a bridge to knowing, there are countless ways, tools, affirmations and modalities to help you build this bridge.

  2. Know thyself. Truly get to know yourself. Get to know who you are. What brings you Joy? What brings you sadness? What gives you energy and what takes your energy? Find what you're passionate about. Find what you believe in. Truly getting to know yourself and finding thyself is how we find the portal in connection through our hearts and soul to source. The best tool for this is meditation. To meditate is to get to know thyself.

  3. Things aren't always as they seem. There are misconceptions, lies, deceptions, mistruths and pure unintentional misunderstanding all over the place. If we take a step back and try to look from a bigger perspective, to not take things personally, to accept while allowing, we can often find truths. A miracle is a shift in perception. The only way we can get to this place is by zooming out and questioning things as they are. Giving yourself permission to do this, creates space to birth a new Matrix.

  4. Question everything. Question your current beliefs how you got them. Where did they come from? Who or what instilled them in you and why? Some are meant to serve you, some aren't. It's up to you to discern what is meant for you. Often some of our restrictions and restraints just come from fear. Simply transmuting that fear into love can be earth-shattering.

  5. Free your mind. Release attachment to become truly present. When push comes to shove, it's about allowing yourself to leap and trusting that the net will appear. It's allowing yourself to be completely present, because you can trust that you are safe, protected and that the next best thing is happening for you. It's having faith that even if you fail, fall, or get hurt, it's for your highest good. It's having faith that even if we are alone, our own light source will lead us out of the dark.

There's a big difference between knowing and embodying. The way we begin to co-create the New Earth is by practicing some of these perspectives, inviting them into our lives and allowing them to transmute us. It's true Soul Warrior training out there, but the good news is every waking and breathing moment is another opportunity to birth a new Matrix within yourself and within our world.


Love, An Inside Job

by Kendra Hammell, Higher Self Healing, LLC

“Hurt People Hurt People“, origins still debatable...

I first heard this saying in a recovery house. It was short and sweet and it resonated with me deeply. It took me outside of self victimization and self sabotage. I had lots of work to do if I was going to become a better person. We all have been hurt badly by someone, probably more than once. It hardens us and makes us bitter. We lose our sweetness and get angry when told to forgive and forget. It’s a vicious cycle, especially when we are growing up and trying to rely on friends to get us through it all. We build up a wall to protect ourselves and we become hardened and isolated from Love. Some of us pick up an addiction and cling to unhealthy relationships to get through the pain and fear of being alone.

Love conquers all! We may go searching and seeking love in all the wrong places desperate to find that feeling of worthiness, protection, and beauty, while all along the way it is us that have the power inside of us to achieve self-love and acceptance. We have to show up for ourselves each day. We can nourish ourselves with good nutrition, good hygiene and healthy boundaries and relationships. There are many ways to call our power back and to get lit up energetically so that we can move forward after we are broken. We all have different situations and paths, but in the end we are all responsible for our actions and all teachers to the hurt little girls and boys behind us.

Once we find that self love and respect things really start changing. Peace comes and so does dignity and grace. It’s a beautiful transition and completely alone we are in love with ourselves and our world. We treat people better and we put ourselves first but are humbled and happy and healthy. It’s the ultimate feeling for most. We are in a high vibration and our light shines out to others. We are free. I believe this is when our Soul mate or Soul lesson shows up to complete us while we are on our journey. Neither one depleting the other's energy but completing a puzzle. I’m intrigued by people’s relationships and how we run hot and cold at times but eventually love conquers and relationships grow like a lotus after a trial of pain.

My magical Crystal friends can support us in many ways if we are ready to heal from a loss or if ready to finally put ourselves first. I’ve made a list below with properties of some of my favorites and recommendations! I’m also happy to share a session with you and create a self healing board for anyone that would benefit from this practice as a start on their journey!


For Self-Love

  • Rose Quartz and Amethyst placed together

  • Ruby

  • Garnet

Sexual healing

  • Malachite

  • Rhodochrosite

  • Black, Brown, Gray Opal

Heart Healers

  • Dioptase

  • Watermelon Tourmaline

  • Amethyst

All green stones align with our Heart Chakra. If your heart is heavy and needs help releasing fear, anger and self-doubt, place green crystals on yourself over your heart and across your chest while laying down, and imagine a beautiful green light filling your chest with a warm peaceful energy. Loved people can love people better and this is how love conquers the world!

Custom Love Crystal Grid by Kendra

Happy Healing and Happy Valentine's Day and sending Love to all!


Kendra Hammell

Higher Self Healing


Looking UP in Awe and Wonder

Lessons in Love with Venus Retrograde

by Ursula Duffy

(Co-Founder and GOO, Sea Goddess Healing Arts, Professional Astrologer and Certified Aromatherapist/Founder, Ursa Alchemy)


How have you been since the Solstice? Have you experienced a break-up, a new love or old lovers returning to your life? What have these experiences taught and shown you about yourself? Just before the Solstice, on December 19th, the planet representing our connection to everything we love and value in our lives, Venus, began a backwards journey through the zodiac, known as a planetary retrograde. Venus retrogrades occur roughly every 18 months or so, lasting for 40 days and 40 nights. The last Venus retrograde occurred in the Spring of 2020 in the zodiac sign of Gemini; the recent retrograde was in the zodiac sign of Capricorn and just ended on January 29th. When planets are retrograde, especially the personal planets Mercury, Venus and Mars, we feel the energy deeply in our Souls. Their perceived stillness and backwards motion, slowing down and closeness to us are reflected in our lived experience in a similar, internalized expression. This Venus retrograde was also concurrent with the most recent Mercury retrograde, which ended on February 3rd. Our hearts and our minds have been in a deep internal process of review of our feelings, mindset, perception, relationships, self-worth and values. The process and experience have been heavily influenced by transformation and rebirth energies as well.

We dedicated our recent Reaping the Rewards of Retrograde class series to Venus. When I was meditating and asking for guidance on themes and content for our class, I awoke from a dream with scenes from the movie Mary Poppins, and the song A Spoonful of Sugar, playing in my head. I rewatched the movie (the original 1964 version) and I realized how beautifully my call was answered, and how perfectly the themes of the movie and Mary Poppins herself were examples of Venus, Venus in Capricorn and the light and shadow expressions of Capricorn energy. I invite you to rewatch the movie and ponder how Mary, and Bert, demonstrate self-confidence, self-worth, embracing our weirdness and being authorities of our inner mystical selves. Whimsy and magic and inner child healing are prominent themes, as well as the shadow expressions of Capricorn - greed, manipulation, domineering, overachieving, etc. The movie is really about saving Mr. Banks after all.

There’s a great pause at the end of planetary retrogrades, and the Moon was new again just past midnight (EST) on February 1st. As we’re in this pause phase, in the magic of 2/2022, reflect on the lessons from Venus, and Mercury, anything that came up about combing out your heart strings, self-love, self-worth, authentic self and personal freedom and sovereignty. There’s deep magic in these lessons, and the energy will carry forward for the next 18 months (Venus) and 3 months (Mercury). Venus and Mercury are now visible again in the morning sky before sunrise. Venus is dazzling and in the warrior goddess phase. I also invite you to watch the below clip from Mary Poppins and feel the whimsy and the child-like wonder expressed in this scene. Enjoy it and remember, love, even the tough lessons, WINS!


Love Breaks the Matrix

A Self-Love Healing Journey

by Lexi Duquette, Mermaid in the Mountains

The theme this month at Sea Goddess Healing Arts is one that hits home and has forever changed my life. My personal experience breaking free from the Matrix has been life saving. The Matrix once held me stuck in it battling chaotic cycles of depression, addiction, anger, anxiety, health issues, self-hatred and negativity, but LOVE has broken me free and led me to a place I never thought existed - a place I thought was too good to be true! It was as if I was conditioned since birth to think suffering, poverty, and pain were the only experiences we were all here for. Little did I know what was possible when you find that unconditional love for yourself and the experience.

When I was 25, I was convinced I was going through a quarter life crisis - little did I know it was the beginning of my Awakening and the start of my exit from the Matrix! I had been so caught up in the Matrix playing a “role” that only suppressed and denied my authentic self and intuition that I was powerless. I self-sacrificed regularly to please others - I was stuck in the mindset that my worth was determined by how many people I pleased and how well I followed the “rules”. I believed that being my own worst critic was a form of self-love, and that “self-care” was selfish and for the wealthy, or those who could “afford” it. The truth is that the farther away I went from my intuition and authenticity, the more intense the anxiety, depression, complaints and ailments became. It text-book spiraled right out of control into an addiction. I felt shame and disgust as I grew up going to Alanon and peer leadership and I knew our “family curse” was “addiction and alcoholism” despite the lack of communication about it. I knew that was a hand-me-down-curse that’s been woven through our family chain for many lineages whether or not anyone spoke about it. Who wants to talk about the hard stuff or admit their struggles. Instead the shame and fear of the truths only pushed me deeper down the rabbit hole. I believed I had no control over what was happening and that it was already pre-decided for me by my genes. Those mindsets just near killed me more times then I want to count.

It took getting to a point where I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was so sick of my own shit and avoiding every mirror because I couldn’t stand to look at myself. I couldn’t keep up the lies I told myself to try and avoid the truths at hand. I truly didn’t think I was ever going to break free from the pain. At this point I was an atheist, (raised in an Irish-Catholic family) in my 20s carrying around a zip lock bag of medications for all my “issues”, as if a victim to my circumstances, completely embarrassed of myself, self-loathing and disgusted that I let myself get to this point; I had completely hit my rock bottom. Thankfully, it was there at rock bottom, I prayed to my Angels and asked, well more like begged, for help. I had gotten to the point where even though I battled a fear of death since a young age I was thinking way too much that it was my only way out of my situation and that scared me, it scared me enough to try praying. I begged for any sign to know to keep going, and sure enough that very day after my shift waiting tables, there was a divine intervention and my first ah-ha moment. It was during my first ever meditation in a dome filled with gongs at a booth at Wanderlust with a sound healer who radiated excitement and hope for healing. It was in this dome with a bunch of strangers that for the first time I sat with my inner self, intuition and higher self and realized I was ready to fight for my life. It was here my journey to finding out that Love was the key to breaking free all began. It began with a heart to heart to my Angels…

From that day forward the fight for my life took off, my relationship with myself became my priority and I started praying to my Angels regularly for guidance and support. I prayed for help and knowledge and relief. I was willing to try anything to break free from the Matrix. It was not easy by any means, and there were many struggles and challenges, but there was also progress and hope - lots of hope. It’s amazing what can happen when you ask your Angels for help and surrender. Thankfully, the Angels led me to a Mentor and Ascension Guide, Mandee Elam, who found her love for herself and learned to heal herself enough to show up for others and help them learn to love themselves. This Earth Angel was a game changer as she was able to hold this sacred space for me to do the dirty work I had feared and not understood. In the past I had done multiple types of “therapies'' and believed that therapy was a strength and not a weakness but I had never had the amount of ah-ha moments and growth with them that I had with my Mentor Mandee. After the first session, I was blown away by how much hope and inspiration and clarity she gave me. It was the beginning of the rest of my life. One of the first things Mandee had me start to do was practice self-love affirmations in the mirror daily. At first it was so uncomfortable to look in the mirror and tell myself “I love and honor you” despite feeling more like “I loathe and hate you”… But it got easier and easier, and before long I was truly cheering myself on. What a difference that made too! It’s now been going on 4+ years of working with Mandee and my life has gotten to one of the best places I’ve ever been, and it continues to get better.

This process of learning to Love myself has been some of the hardest work yet, but it’s been so worth every step of the way. To see how it’s now changed my life for the better and all my relationships, has been the most rewarding thing ever; not to mention the reward of breaking free of the Matrix is the whipped cream and cherry on top. I had to start showing up for myself, I had to start facing every fear and trigger and focus on building a new coping tool kit with healthy options that didn’t have an excuse tied to them or self-harm. This tool kit is now something I want to share with others because I know there is no one pill quick fix, but good coping tools can make a major difference in the tough moments. What works one day may not the next, and I truly believe the more you learn the more empowered you become and more options you have to support yourself in healing. With my ever growing coping tool kit and amazing support circle, I’ve gotten to a place I am proud of; a place where I know challenges will come and go but they don’t hold the power to knock me down like they used to. I now see challenges as chances for growth and showing up for myself. I know they are a part of the bigger picture; they are part of the journey and the learning process. It's about learning to be present on this journey that matters most not the destination. Love was my key to break free from the Matrix which let me personally go from victim of my life to a conscious curator.


Love Wins & Ramble On

by Dani Marshburn, Infinite Yoga | Dallas

I’m still working with people privately. And in group settings. Via zoom and in person. I’m a professional counselor. And yoga therapist. Clinically educated. Experienced. Throw in 10 years and 4 yoga teacher trainings. Countless educational and personal and professional experiences. Therapists. Shamans. Priests. Books. Trinkets. Watching myself like a hawk. Breakthroughs. Breakdowns. Monumental suffering AND HEALING. All this to find the answer was always me. And only you know your answers. I promise. It’s never ending. Keep questioning EVERYTHING. And if you want some support. A mirror of sorts. A nudge. A message. I’m here for it. Reach out. Keep going. Increase your frequency. Your faith. Take deep care of yourself.



Love Breaks the Matrix

New Merch Design

by Rachel Ahava

(Co-founder and Creative Director, Sea Goddess Healing Arts)

This month our topic is Love Breaks the Matrix. When I sat down to work on our monthly newsletter t-shirt design I wasn’t fully sure where I was gonna go with this one. I love the Matrix movies so I knew there would be some 1s and 0s in there. I had planned on having the words “Love Breaks the Matrix” as the focus but the more I worked it, the design just wasn’t right. Then I heard the words “Love Wins” in my mind which was the "ah ha" I needed and within a few minutes it all came together effortlessly.


Love Street

by Michelle Franzoni, Art by MU

Love Street by Michelle Franzoni, Art by MU

Love Street is one of Michelle's intuitive paintings that captures the energy of love, 222 and love breaking the Matrix. Michelle's intuitive painting and channeled artwork bring to life dreams and visions of ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis. Prints are featured on our website, including Love Street.


We hope you enjoyed learning about how Love Breaks the Matrix with us! We're honored to be joined this month by Lexi and Dani. We'd love to hear your own stories about how Love wins.

With Love, Light & Gratitude,

The Sea Goddess Healing Arts Team


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