Sea Goddess Healing Arts Soul Broadcast ~ January 2022

Updated: Apr 28

Soul Portrait by Michelle Franzoni, Art by MU

Hello, and welcome to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts monthly Soul Broadcast!

Our collective intention is to share with you topics and information relevant to current energies, the Healing Arts, tools and modalities, and whatever our Souls are wishing to share with you every month. This month's theme is Manifesting Magic. We hope you love and find this monthly offering helpful, and a great resource in your own healing journey. Thank you for tuning into your hearts and our collective Soul space.


3 Practical Tips and Tools to Optimize Your Energy During the New Year

by Mandee Elam

(Co-Founder and GIC, Sea Goddess Healing Arts/Intuitive Ascension Guide)

Happy New Year! Traditionally, a New Year can come with a lot of added pressure in this Matrix we co-created. Depending on your thoughts, this can sometimes lead us down a road of questioning our worth. If we create a resolution and fail to stick to it, we tend to get down on ourselves, instead of succeeding at our goals. Winter is one of our most precious seasons to foster growth. It's the time we let the dead things no longer serving us die off. It’s a time we take inventory of what nutrients we need for our body and Soul. It’s a time where we reserve, rest, and plan for Spring as we begin to witness what creations want to be brought into life this year. The word Resolution has a firm energy to it, whereas the word Intention invites a bit of a flow or aim toward a goal. It gives you more permission to show up for yourself each day if you allow it.

This year I invite you to pump the brakes on resolutions, dive deep into intention, and honor what is being fostered at this time.

Here are a few practical tips and tools to optimize your energy during this manifesting season.

  1. Set an Intention for this Winter Season. Perhaps this is a word/energy to focus on. For example, if you want to invite in more peace each moment. Using the affirmation I am peace, often, is transformative.

  2. Tune into your Vessel and Health. What is your body asking you for? What are 3 things you can do each day this season to honor your vessel? This could be sleep, healthy food, mental health support, exercise, etc.

  3. What can you incorporate each day to honor your Soul and invite in more joy? These could be things like playing music, time in nature, reading, a new hobby, a rabbit hole you can't get enough of, etc. Invite in more play and joy. You doing this seriously helps heal the world.

Creating change takes actual life force energy and action. Be gentle with yourself as you show up for you during this dark season. Rock yourselves gently, practice the pause, choose your responses, and take your time, as you allow this season to serve you.



For more thoughts about these topics, we invite you to tune into our Unschooled New Year Episode with Mandee Elam & Lexi Duquette:


Manifesting Magic

by Rachel Ahava

(Co-founder and Creative Director, Sea Goddess Healing Arts)

Ever since I was a child, I had a strange knack at thinking about things and then turning those thoughts into reality. I always considered myself blessed or really lucky that things just seemed to work out for me in what would often seem like miraculous ways. It wasn’t until much later in life when I was firmly on my spiritual awakening path did the ability to manifest become something I became highly conscious of. I’m even considered a “Manifestor” based on my natal chart in The Human Design.

We have all heard the phrase “your thoughts create your reality”, well for me, this has become an all too real phenomena. One of my favorite manifesting stories happened when I first moved into my apartment in Atlantic City in 2019 after living out of state for over 20 years. I was starting over after my divorce with few possessions as I had left most of my old middle class suburban life behind. There was an old vacuum cleaner in my apartment that must have been 40 years old and pretty lacking in the suction department. I was grateful, however, that I even had a vacuum to use but as I moved this clunky thing from room to room, I said out loud to the Universe “Man, do I miss my Shark Navigator vacuum from back home”. There was no one there when I said this and I never mentioned needing a vacuum to anyone. Once I spoke the words I didn’t give it another thought. Not even 24 hours later, there was a knock at my door, it was my Dad stopping by for a quick visit. When I opened the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes…my dad was standing there holding up a Shark Navigator vacuum in his hands! As I stood there stunned, he said “I found this at Goodwill and it's practically brand new and I thought you might need a better vacuum cleaner”. Wow, did the Universe deliver…it was the exact model I used to have, in perfect condition and it was an upgrade in my favorite color purple!! The one back at home was a boring beige. What I want to highlight in this story is speaking your desire out loud, even if it seems like you are just talking to yourself and then letting the thought go. The Universe wants to reward and upgrade you and it will conspire in the most unexpected ways to bring you what you are asking for.

When manifesting, it’s all about faith and trust in the loving guidance of the Universe (God) to bring you exactly what you need, when you need it, based on divine timing. The key is to be perpetually grateful for what you already have, make your desires clear and remain unattached to how the Universe will weave all things together to bring you the manifested outcome that is for your highest good.


Matching Your Manifestation Frequencies with Crystals

by Kendra Hammell, Higher Self Healing, LLC

Every month I review where I am on my healing journey and where I strive to be. I also look at my relationships with family, business partners and friends and see where I may need some balance and harmony to keep me happy and healthy. For some reason I am always feeling the urge for change. Maybe it's because I know that staying stuck doesn’t make me happy; it never did. I love that we are constantly evolving and I personally love a challenge and most of all I love knowing that I have the power to accomplish anything I put my mind to. The great news is we get to choose and decide what we want, and our life can be beyond our wildest dreams as long as we believe and take action.

We can do Moon rituals, we can make vision boards, practice the law of attraction, use positive affirmations, and my favorite, use crystal grid activation on intent! I am becoming quite versed in grids and how they can help achieve desires into reality! The following crystals are great vibrational matches for the most common desired items such as wealth, health and abundance, as well as love. If you desire an in depth consultation, Reiki charged crystals and a personal crystal grid to manifest your dreams, you can always book a service with me here.

  • Health - Quartz

Quartz is the master healer. This is a very common stone and is abundant and can be purchased all over! We can use Quartz with all other crystals, it acts as an amplifier but is also perfect alone. It can be placed anywhere on the body during meditation.

  • Wealth - Citrine

This stone promotes wealth and success and inspires deals that generate money. It also boosts positive attitude and brings joy and optimism.

  • Love - Garnet

This stone is a pure passionate healer that stirs up Chi energy and helps forge beautiful bonds.

  • Opportunity - Green Aventurine

This is the stone of opportunity; it attracts and aligns money making opportunities.

  • Success - Sunstone

This will aid in landing that big promotion, and is the stone of leadership.

  • Abundance - Black Agate

Black Agate gives strength and vitality that can lead you down a path of abundance. It keeps us centered in reality while exploring our biggest dreams.

Custom Grid by Kendra Featuring Manifesting Crystals

Make 2022 your best year and Happy Healing!



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