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Sea Goddess Healing Arts Soul Broadcast ~ July 2022 ~ Soul Family

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Hello, and welcome to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts monthly Soul Broadcast!

Our collective intention is to share with you topics and information relevant to current energies, the Healing Arts, tools and modalities, and whatever our Souls are wishing to share with you every month. This month's theme is Soul Family. Also, new this month is a contribution by one of our newest team members, Crystal Jordan! We welcome Crystal to this month's Soul Broadcast and to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts team!

We hope you love and find this monthly offering helpful, and a great resource in your own healing journey. Thank you for tuning into your hearts and our collective Soul space.


Soul Recognition, Past Loves & Parallel Dimensional Magic

by Mandee Elam

(Medicine Woman of the Soul/Co-Founder and GIC at Sea Goddess Healing Arts)

Image: Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

We've all had those moments of Deja Vu. A feeling like we've been here or experienced this before. Sometimes it's a dream. Sometimes it's a vision during the middle of our day. Sometimes it's a feeling when we see someone or some thing. Something becomes activated within us. These are all moments and memories within a cellular level being recalled. One of life's "you can't make this shit up" but also can't quite make sense of it either moments.

I've known all of my soul sisters in an instant. Usually locking eyes at a new job, in a bathroom, or at a soul circle. I'll feel a sense of warmth come over my body, a sense of peace in my heart, and a feeling of being at home. When I look in their eyes, I just know. Just knowing is also known as claircongnizance, a feeling deep within and a vibration of truth. It's hard to explain but many of us have felt it. Many of us have experienced this with lovers. The relationships we like to label as twin flames or soulmates. They all exist and have their perfect divine essence and lessons they carry with them. We just know that we know them and we love them. This can be friends, parents, siblings, lovers, teachers, students, community members, elders, and so much more.

Many times we switch up our roles with one another. For instance, our husband in this lifetime could be our sister in another one. Things get trickier because we look at time in a linear way here in Earth School. Time and dimensions are often coexisting outside of our world and operating simultaneously as opposed to linearly. This is where things can get a little freaky and a little fun, where we jump into some timeline hopping. I'll save that for another discussion. Many teachers suggest that past lives are parallel lives, and we are coexisting with other versions of ourselves at this time. I enjoy the juiciness of that, as well as the quantum healing potential.

Lifetime after lifetime, experience after experience, we choose one another to support us, to teach us, to grow us, and to show us. When it comes down to it, the only person we have at the end of the day is ourselves. Our own Soul comes in for this beautiful sovereign journey. We incarnate with each other to support and cheer one another on. Sometimes the most painful relationships and hardest lessons are our greatest teachers and what we truly came here for. There is almost always purpose to pain. Each lifetime is a brief chapter in our whole book of lifetimes. However, each of those chapters is a whole movie in itself, with every feeling emotion and up and down you can possibly imagine. I have such peace believing and knowing that we really do choose this and that this lifetime really is all over in the blink of an eye. Stay present, feel the vibes, and enjoy the ride.


Looking UP in Awe and Wonder

Finding Tribe

by Ursula Duffy

(Co-Founder and GOO at Sea Goddess Healing Arts, Professional Astrologer and Certified Aromatherapist/Founder, Ursa Alchemy)

Image: Becca Tappert on Unsplash

Throughout our entire lives we interact with so many Souls. Humans, animals, plants, planets, stars, stones, objects, etc. It's all energy and vibration. These experiences can be filled with love, lust, inner knowing, disdain, hurt, only one or all of the above. Every interaction, even the most challenging ones, teach us something. The Soul's journey is filled with lessons enormous and minute. I consider all of this Soul family. Yes, we definitely incarnate into a "family" of origin of our choosing, however every energetic exchange is our family.

Personally, I have had many different tribes over the years. When my vibration changes, usually so does my tribe. On our About page, we share the story about finding tribe that has led to the formation of Sea Goddess Healing Arts. Prior to meeting Mandee in 2019, the tribe that I had fell away, which was mostly women I'd met during my intuitive development studies, many whom I'd never met in person. My vibration was changing, I was craving local community and sisterhood, and I found it!

Our closest, most intimate relationships, and our larger community/tribe relate directly to two specific areas in our birth charts, houses seven and eleven, respectively. These spaces can reveal clues and information about whom we seek, draw in and the essence of the experiences. True Soul tribe can be manifested. I set very specific intentions at the New Moon in my eleventh house in early 2019, and 6 months later at the Full Moon in the same chart space was when I met Mandee at a local Moon Circle. It's all so Divine.

Since we're discussing Soul family in this month's post, which is directly related to our own Soul's journey and lessons, I want to share a card I pulled for us. This card is from The Soul's Journey Lesson Cards oracle deck by James Van Praagh:

Remember that even the most challenging, or adverse interactions are here to teach us something we need for our Soul's growth and healing journey. I share a very personal story about this, and how it catalyzed my Spiritual re-awakening in episode 4 of my Becoming Chiron podcast; tune in here to listen.

Thank you for being part of our tribe!


So Soul Connected

by Kendra Hammell, Higher Self Healing, LLC

Sound & Crystal Healing Ceremony on July 2, 2022

Relationships have become Realationships

The more I connect and grow with my soul family, the more I evolve. I enjoy the company of everyone I choose to spend time with because I’m no longer available to people who put me down and hurt me. It’s amazing how this feels and how it works! Time with family and friends has become a true treasure in my life. Connected souls replenish and nourish one another. I can feel people's vibration because I choose to tune in and listen to what’s going on. If someone is putting off negativity and low vibration, I do my best to listen and see what I can do to help them out. I find most people are smiling in my life today. They are also scraping their knees and are drying their eyes from facing fears and dealing with old shit! They are hyperventilating and purging. They are seeing their shadows again.

They are learning to heal themselves with their hands. They are meditating. They are making moon water. They are creating. They are complementing one another. They are showing up. They are doing cleanses and laying crystals on their body. They are opening their minds and their chakras! They are talking to angels and spirit. They are trying plant medicine, sound healing and loving themselves for being at Peace in a crazy world. They are walking the walk and talking the talk. They are coming together. We are all doing better than ever. We are connected.

Happy Healing



Higher Self Healing, LLC



Let Me Introduce You to My Friend “Pineapple Weed”

by Lexi Duquette, Mermaid in the Mountains

Pineapple Weed Photos by Lexi Duquette

I’d like to share one of my favorite “weeds” - Pineapple weed*! No it’s not marijuana - but yes it can be smoked and pairs beautifully with Mary Jane - but most see this plant as an annoying weed when really it’s a medicinal wild herb capable of so much!

Matricaria discoidea - aka Wild Chamomile, fake chamomile, disc mayweed, rayless mayweed, comes from the Asteraceae family. This plant loves to grow where animals, people and vehicles travel, lots of time popping up in dry areas, cracks of cement sidewalks, in tire tracks, driveways, the side of the road, fields, gardens and yards. Well established in North America all the way to Europe and Asia, when crushed this plant smells of a mix of chamomile and pineapple. Both the leaves and flowers are edible and full of goodness. It’s most commonly used for tea, but is also great in cooking and salves too. This plant helps with indigestion, stomach issues due to stress, and is calming like chamomile. It’s great to treat anxiety and insomnia. It has analgesic and antispasmodic properties making it a great herb for menstrual cramps, gastrointestinal issues, post-partum anemia, infected sores, fevers, intestinal pain and pain in general. It even works as a bug repellent and is great for skin care.

Many Native American tribes used this plant in Sundance and Sweat Lodge ceremonies, perfume, insect repellent and as a preservative.

You can use the whole plant to make salve, or just the almost mini-pineapple-looking bud to make tea (either dried or fresh), jam and many other great recipes. The greens and heads from the plant are great to add to salads too, adding a citrusy, fruity flavor. One of my personal favorite teas to brew is pineapple weed with lemon, thyme and pineapple sage. Place herbs in your cup or tea bag, let soak in hot water for 5 minutes, strain and enjoy! This is a great brew to turn into an ice pop for a refreshing and healthy summer treat! It’s a very relaxing herbal blend great for before bed, or whenever anxiety is brewing! I invite you to invite Gaia and the plant in, and allow yourself to sit with the herbs allowing them to channel through you. It makes a beautiful companion for meditation followed by journaling. I like to sit with each new herb I try and see what messages have to come through. I recommend starting a herb journal to do the same!

Some journal prompts to get you started:

- When you invite in and connect with Pineapple Weed (or whatever plant you are working with) what comes through? This could be feelings, images, messages, just allow yourself to freely write/draw and see what comes through.

- How does this plant make you feel? What rises?

*Some warnings with Pineapple weed - test a little because some are allergic to it, especially if you are allergic to mayweeds or daisies! Don’t over consume, and as always use caution and talk with your healthcare provider, professional or Naturopathic practitioner before using any herbs.


Divine Relationships

by Jennifer Alvarado, The Jane Doe Project

I decided to use a tree to represent Divine relationships and connections. Like the solid trunk, we are all one. Through our roots, we ground and find stability. In the leaves we find growth, exploration in the extended branches, and a love in the waves of life. Like a tree, we filter energy through the top or crown and it filters through the trunk and roots. I used black and white to symbolize balance. With the bad comes the good and vice versa. Finding a healthy balance is key, as well as going with the flow of YOUR wave.

While we are all connected, we are still on individual paths. Here to learn and grow on a soul level. As we grow, our soul tribe comes home. What about that isn't Divine? Keep growing and exploring the beautiful world around you and what's meant for you will come.


New Contributor and Team Member!

Let's Talk About Relationships

by Crystal Jordan

Image: Vince Fleming on Unsplash

Let’s talk about relationships. The good, bad, ugly, and blissful. I’m always amazed when I channel for people with healthy family systems. I get so shook, because I cannot fathom what that experience feels like. I’m 42, and still to this day, I have only a few real bonds within my own family system. For years (30 to be exact) that made me bitter, angry, frustrated, and resentful. I saw other people in school with their table dinners, conversations, and immense safety and thought WTF is this. As much as I needed that, it was so uncomfortable, I pushed it away. Mostly by being as obnoxious as I possibly could. You know the “I don’t need love” complex.

My upbringing was anything but healthy. I had parents who didn’t know how to parent. One was broken because they themselves had no safety. Their mom died at a very early age, their father was an abusive alcoholic. They were shoved along with their siblings into foster home, after foster home. The other had zero communication skills at all. There was no talking, and no understanding of conviction. I had one parent constantly stuck in fight or flight, and the other didn’t seem to care at all. I had used the term “trash” in the past, because that’s exactly what they made me feel like. This was all a perfect storm for the amount of ways I learned to hate myself.

When I say hate, that’s an understatement. I could go into all of the ways I chose to self torture, but that’s not the important part of this. The important part took place in 2010, when I officially started my own journey to understanding spirit. Now here’s the kicker. Most people think being a medium is standing around waiting for spirit to magically drop their wisdom on your doorstep. That’s not entirely wrong. Some of us are just in tune. Spirit will always be talking. Any spirit can talk though, and if you have no self worth as human, and require nothing of yourself, you will indefinitely get the same, zero substance messages streaming in from spirit. Mostly from lower level energies that have no rules. That led to crippling depression, and anxiety.

Not to burst a bubble, there’s no growth, and very little love in that. It’s mostly all ego based on what hate you have for yourself. Constant messages of, you suck, I hate you, you’re worthless. In 2010, I wanted more. I didn’t know what, just more. That was when my beautiful guides pointed out the magic behind the “marriage”. Now, please keep in mind, at this time I had already had one volatile marriage with my son's father, and was on my second marriage. Second dude was not much better, and I asked, but why!? Why did this keep happening. Their answer: “Because you don’t love yourself.”

Insert incredible slap in the face, and ego check.

What does that mean? Their answer, I was trying to force happiness outside of myself. I was asking others who were already lacking, to fill a space, only I knew how to fill. I had lost touch of who I was, why I was here, what I was capable of, and why I did this thing called life to begin with. They explained that most of us lose sight of the most important relationship we have, our first marriage. Our higher, spirit self, and our human capsule that walks earth playing out our contract.

I was dumbfounded. I had so many more questions.

In short, when our higher self (which is us) creates the perfect capsule to house all that we are, it is made with love. It’s made with each experience we’ve had in the past, present, and future. It’s a house built strong, capable, and full of knowledge. It’s a body and mind created to deal with cycles, karmas, all things, good, and bad. Our spirit self (along with the universe) molds the perfect human sculpture. As our higher self creates, it enters into an agreement with what will be the human part of us. Together we acknowledge the reasons. Then, with a speck of light, the universe kisses us with light, sends us into existence, which is conception itself. From there, we grow. Like the beautiful seed of love we are.

That is the most important relationship. Our physical, spirit self.

Once we are born, we grow, we hurt, we take on, and inevitably, we forget that love. We forget where we really came from, and focus solely on th e “human” aspect of creation. We forget the kiss. We forget the magical conception of self. We force bonds with people that are unwilling, or sometimes unable to connect with us. We try, and try, and try some more. We get empty pouring into others, what we should always be pouring into self. We are taught pouring into us is selfish. Why? Because in some way we are all a little empty sometimes.

Remember above? In order to get the right messages you have to get it from the right source. The only way to hear from the right source, is to connect with the higher, collective version of you. It’s the same with energy. If you’re a car that needs regular, but keep refueling yourself with diesel, you’re going to be sick, sluggish, heavy and eventually quit running. It’s the same with people. We can love our people immensely, but also understand that our soul needs more. Which is why you need to nurture the marriage of self, before any other relationship you may have.

In the end my hope for you is that if you’ve lost sight, you recommit to your spirit self. Why did it choose you? Why did it love you? What are the aspects of you that lit up your higher self so much that it said, “this one. I choose them.” You were hand picked, hand created and the universe itself thought you were not only special enough to carry out whatever great, chaotic, or tragic path you had to walk, but also knew you were incredible enough to add to this planet. Reignite that.

Ask yourself what happiness feels like, looks like, smells like. Ask yourself everyday what you can do to make your life better. Ask yourself what you need, what will it feel like if you succeed. Be patient, kind, empathic to yourself. Give yourself all of the things you’ve given to other relationships. Then watch your soul wake up to all of the reasons you were hand picked.

With absolute love,

Crystal Ann


We hope you've enjoyed reading our stories and interpretations of Soul Family! Whether it's to other humans, ourselves, the cosmos, plants and/or art, we

are all connected.

Wishing you a beautiful remainder of July.

We have many exciting upcoming/free community events and drum circles. Check out our Events page for details!

With Love, Light & Gratitude,

The Sea Goddess Healing Arts Team


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