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Sea Goddess Healing Arts Soul Broadcast ~ March 2022 ~ A Special Spring Equinox Edition

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Hello, and welcome to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts monthly Soul Broadcast!

Our collective intention is to share with you topics and information relevant to current energies, the Healing Arts, tools and modalities, and whatever our Souls are wishing to share with you every month. This month's theme is The Divine/Invisible Spark. We hope you love and find this monthly offering helpful, and a great resource in your own healing journey. Thank you for tuning into your hearts and our collective Soul space.


How to Reignite The Invisible Spark Within

by Mandee Elam

(Co-Founder and GIC, Sea Goddess Healing Arts/Intuitive Ascension Guide)

What is the invisible spark within? Does it give you a tingle? Or a warm and fuzzy sensation when you think about what it could be? I believe that the spark within is really light. Our personal light, the flicker of our soul. Our soul is the weightless light-filled spark in us. It helps us to create the essence of who we are in our body. Even on our worst days, during our lowest points, there's still something deep within us that keeps us going. Maybe your spark is a flicker, a smoldering coal, a roaring fire, crackling ashes, or a soft warm candle. The light of our soul shines and varies its brightness in accordance to how we are feeling.

Many of us lose our worth after making a mistake, being judged, or feeling hurt by words. Our self worth and the way we feel about ourselves, seem to be a direct correlation to the spark that lives within us. The spark that is burning deep within your soul is there to remind you that you are enough. Even if you are bruised, beaten, shattered, alone, and broken, you are enough. That tiny tiny light in you still burning is enough. The challenge is to call back your power and help yourself to remember your light. How you tend to your spark will vary throughout your life. Sometimes you'll need to put out your own fire and sometimes you need to reignite it. Here are a few ways to tune in to your spark and see what feels like the next best step for you.

  1. Show up for some soul inquiry. Soul inquiry is sitting in meditation, journaling, talking to a close confidant, a therapy session, or anything that helps you truly process and really tune into what's going on inside of you. It's looking under the Band-Aids and seeing what's causing the wound. Sometimes we're super aware of this and all we need are some tools and tips to start mending. Sometimes we need to go a little deeper and allow ourselves to discover why the wound is there or exists. If your spark is dim and in need of attention, odds are there's a wounding or energy leak that needs tending to.

  2. Make a list or take an inventory of what lights you up. Things that light you up are things that inspire you, bring you joy, a peaceful feeling of contentment, or something that feels nourishing to your soul. Sometimes it's lighting a candle, listening to music, spending time with loved ones, being creative, or getting outside. The possibilities are endless, it's your soul. On the days that it's hard to remember what might light you up, just start with something simple that used to bring you joy. Perhaps buy yourself some flowers or make a special dinner. Once you have a grasp on a few things that light you up, try to do one each day and notice the effects that it has on you.

  3. Move your body. Sometimes it's hard to move our bodies because we are in pain, exhausted, have an illness, injury, autoimmune disease, depression, or more. Even if it's just a little, moving our bodies helps us to move and flush our energy. Which helps us to stoke our inner fire. If you're bed bound, maybe just listening to music and making circles with your wrists will help. If you have a back injury, maybe try doing some supported yoga or physical therapy that are safe for your injury. Perhaps try cleaning and rearranging your living space, car, or work environment. Cooking, dancing, walking, hiking, playing with a pet or kid. Just move. I promise it will move something in you.

  4. Spend time in the light. Allow yourself to bask in sunlight and moonlight, outdoors or through a window. Invite yourself to enjoy the lighting in your space. See if the type of light bulbs you use soothe you. Notice if candles or a fire inspire you. When we face our palms up into the sunlight, we allow the sun to nourish and charge our heart chakras. Our palms are an extension of our heart chakras.

Always honor and nourish the spark within. Have grace with yourself. If you forget it's okay. Your spark is your soul and your soul always finds divine ways to remind you of who you are and what you deserve.


Looking UP in Awe and Wonder


The Wild Energy of Aries and The Divine Spark

by Ursula Duffy

(Co-Founder and GOO, Sea Goddess Healing Arts, Professional Astrologer and Certified Aromatherapist/Founder, Ursa Alchemy)

Image: Lubo Minar on Unsplash

Can you feel it? The quickening, the energy of life rustling and ready to burst from a long slumber. Late February to the Spring Equinox is when we become very familiar with the energy of one of the more dramatic season changes. The Spring Equinox represents many things. It’s the official beginning of the Spring season, it’s one of the two times of the year during which the hours of day and night are equal, it’s just after the renewal of Daylight Savings Time, life begins to bloom once again and it’s another turning of the wheel and the cycles by which we live. Astrologically, it’s the beginning of Aries season, which is considered Astrological New Year. It marks the end of the Sun’s journey through the sign of Pisces, the end of the zodiac, the culmination of all the degrees of all the signs; a threshold of shifting from a time of transcendence to being reborn. Autumn and Winter hold the space for rebirth in the darkness, in the unseen realms, where the seeds of life are protected, nourished and incubate. The Divine, Invisible Spark holds steady. Aries energy is the raw, untamed, wild and unruly energy of survival and pure life force. It’s wildfire, it’s primal, it’s Mars unleashed, it’s the Divine, Invisible Spark within us all. Think about what’s happening in the Earth beneath our feet. How the sprout spiral unfurls into a seedling that bursts through the ground to reach the sunlight needed for survival. Imagine the drive and the will to live. Imagine how much energy it takes to be born in darkness to reach the light. This is the energy of the Spring Equinox and Aries season. A great shift from our cosmic soup (Pisces) to a new life (Aries).

Most of the planets are also in a rebirth phase: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. They all recently met up with the Sun and had their own incubation periods, now almost all visible (except Neptune) in the early morning sky before sunrise. All the energy is ripe with raw life force. Wield the energy wisely though. The Warrior Spirit within us can sometimes just be looking for a fight. Rise above and direct your life force into something positive and that serves your highest good. Remember your Divinity.

The Aries New Moon is on Friday, April 1st at 2:24 am (EDT) ~ No Fools!

This New Moon will present a challenge and opportunity for deep healing and setting intentions for being our truest, best selves, choosing to move forward in the world with our sights set on our individual and collective Divine Mission.

Grand Rising and Astrological New Year

~ Ursula


The Search Inside

by Kendra Hammell, Higher Self Healing, LLC

Image: Laura Gilchrist on Unsplash

“The second adventure involves the divine spark hidden in each soul and the dark times require that the inner light of soul be found again. Perhaps there is no greater time to awaken to the adventure the soul would have us live and become agents of the divine in

this world.”

Michael Meade, The Genius Myth

I am certain that we are energetic beings. When I lost my life and my heart stopped beating, I was brought back to life with a defibrillator. I also believe that in order to be at our best we need to be charged up so we can shine our light in this world. So what was it that ignited us in the first place.? I believe the Intention was with purest love.

Spring is near and the hard ground is softening, new life will be blooming all around soon.

We are LOVE

We are Light

We are energy

Sometimes when we are given a second chance we become grateful through a sweet surrender. We search out life more and seek gratitude and spirituality. My healing path has taken me to Crystals and Reiki. While making crystal grids, I became familiar with the Tree of Life...The Kabbalistic Tree of Life has 10 Sephirot, or emanations of God's infinite light as it manifests in creation. They are the channels in which God reveals his will. I recommend researching the Sephirot and the Zohar for more information.

"Sacred geometry is the root language, or language of creation, a blueprint of perfection which simply means the intended plan or design. It is a universal language which reminds us of who we were and who we are. Sacred Geometry can assist us with aligning to our true purpose & life path"

Drunvalo Melchizedek

Sacred Geometry is all around us; have you ever seen the orbit of Venus?

Watch here!

Look at the perfect structure of the honeycomb, or the sunflower's perfect spiral. Go out into nature or stare at the night sky and observe the patterns, the symmetry and perfection; see how creation organizes itself? The Divine plan surrounds us. Balance and Harmony surround us even if we don't feel that way.

The divine spark is in us all.

When making my crystal grids, I am designing personal healing sessions with the architecture of the universe. I use specific Crystals in a precise pattern to assist and manifest a desired outcome or to cleanse a space. If this is something you are interested in please contact me via email or book a session with me now by going to and click on Higher Self Healing.

If you would like to learn more about crystals, grids and healing, join me soon for an online class!

Happy Healing!

xoxo Kendra


The Spark Within

A Poem by Lexi Duquette, Mermaid in the Mountains

Image: Domenik Bednarz on Unsplash

There’s this Spark within in me

It’s always with me

Hoping to catch my attention

And let it teach me some lessons

It’s truest desire

Is to help me light my fire

To find my light

And shine it bright

Despite the layers of fright

That the ego has created

through the darkest nights

Of early conditioning

And suppressed thinking

In a blink of an eye it led me to cry

spiraling downwards in my thinking

That I was the Victim

Drowning in drinking

Popping pills to numb the pain

When really there was nothing to gain

Little does my Ego know

That I’ve been showing up for my Soul

Becoming aware of my energy

Making peace with the beast within me

Listening to the old wisdom of my ancestors and receiving

Guidance from my angels

Divinely connected diving in head first

Down the Path of Self Awareness

Redefining how I see myself and my worth

I’m learning to quiet the external noise

And focus on finding the internal joys

I’m now striving for internal validation

Because I’m so ready to

Do away with that external damnation

And despite being all love and light

I'm ready to fight for my life

To fight to shine my light bright

Tired and done with running to numb

Away from my fires that aren’t of my desires

Had to change my mindset to get

back on track to livin my best

Yet each day is still a test

A chance to show up or course correct

The true gift is to be present

It’s a lesson I’m learning to master

Instead of seeing myself as a disaster

I got so done with my own shit

And finally learned to commit

I can’t run

I can’t numb

I can’t play dumb

I can’t loathe myself if

I desire to free myself

It’s all a blessing I know

thanks to these lessons we grow

I must address that at times i do regress

But changing that mindset

That I am mess

To a mindset that I am Blessed

Is just a little baby step

In the right direction

And upon reflection

I see how far I’ve come

I see all that can become

That my future holds for me

More than I could ever truly see

Third eye wide open ready to receive

Leaving this 3D vibration focusing on my elevation hello 5D elevation

My higher self and guides

strive to lead me to be wise

the key you see is within me

Meditation and

Plant Medication

All leads me to Elevation

So sit quiet and just be

See that the key to your success

Lies right within each of our souls

So don’t hesitate to rest

and let go of all the stress

Because we are all truly blessed

It’s in the mindset don’t forget

Now it’s time to conspire with

Your deepest inner desire

Allow that spark to light your fire

Only YOU know what you truly desire!!


Yoga and The Divine Spark

by Dani Marshburn, Infinite Yoga | Dallas, yogaUNSCRIPTED

"Why should you practice Yoga? To kindle the divine fire within yourself. Everyone has a dormant spark of divinity within which has to be fanned into flame."

B.K.S. Iyengar

Check out Dani's new yogaUNSCRIPTED online yoga platform where you can take virtual classes with her, stream on demand and more!

Below is an episode of Unchurched, on of our YouTube shows, with Dani and Mandee.


We hope you enjoyed learning about The Divine/Invisible Spark with us! We hope you're harnessing the power of the Spring Equinox and seeing your Soul seeds begin to grow. Wishing you a beautiful Virgo Full Moon and Spring Equinox.

With Love, Light & Gratitude,

The Sea Goddess Healing Arts Team


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