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Have you ever wondered why certain places/locations feel more like home than others, or why you may have certain experiences where you live or in different parts of the world? Your birth chart holds the energy of location as well as being your lesson plan for this lifetime.


Astrocartography overlays your natal chart* on the map of the world, and your natal placements (Sun, Moon, Planets, etc.) have paths through specific locations, which translates to your experience, or the Astrology of Where!


Are you wondering if there's a better location in which to live? Are you planning a move or a trip, and desire to know more about what you may feel or experience? Astrocartography can be your guide and map, and is extremely helpful in planning the destination. Think of it as your Soul's travel guide.


*Accurate birth date, time and location are required.


This service includes an audio recording of the reading (via Google Drive) and links to an interactive Astrocartography map.

Astrocartography: The Astrology of Where

    • Cancellation Policy

      Cancellation Policy for Scheduled Appointments

      A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel your appointment, or a 50% cancellation fee will apply.

      If you need to reschedule, please make every effort to let me know within 24 hours of your appointment time.

      ​Abandonment of your appointment is non-refundable.

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