Frequently asked questions

What are The Healing Arts?

Healing Art or a Healing Artist is a person, thing, experience, or place that awakens in you the opportunity and possibilities to heal yourself. Why do people want to heal? Typically to create some sort of relief or peace in their mind, body, or Soul. Healing can include many things. It could be heartache, a physical wound, an emotional wound, mental wound, or environmental wound. Typically, if we want to heal, there's something we are trying to heal from. When it comes down to it, the only person who can heal you is you. Sometimes we need some helpers or guides along our healing journey. However, you must consciously allow or embrace their medicine in order for their healing art to heal you. Healing is a divine experience that happens to us and for us, but we must be first open to receiving it. Rumi says "the wound is the place where the light gets in." Light is what our Souls are made of. When we heal, we are often revealing or calling back pieces of Souls, depending on where we are on our journeys, and the polarity of our perspective. Healing Art reveals the light of the artist and how they share their Soul's work. Pieces of their Soul's work can spark, or call back, pieces of your Soul and bright light. For we are all reflections. At Sea Goddess Healing Arts we believe that light can heal and transmute anything. That light on a wound or shadow can sometimes be the most healing balm. Let there be light, is one of the most powerful healing affirmations we can co-create with.