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URSULA DUFFY (Co-Founder & GOO/Goddess of Operations, Sea Goddess Healing Arts): is a Professional Astrologer, Certified Aromatherapist and Cosmic Guide. With her brand Ursa Alchemy, she blends intuitive and healing arts to support the soul. Ursula answered the calling from the universe over 10 years ago. Throughout that journey she learned how to develop her intuition and communicate with spirit while learning the healing arts of Astrology and Aromatherapy. She assists and supports her clients during their own personal transformation by guiding them to open their minds and hearts to the language of the plants, planets and spirit, and to Live in Touch with Their Soul.

For over 15 years Ursula worked as a certified professional Geospatial Scientist mapping for local and federal government. She has been a team leader in every position specializing in organizing, teaching, training and managing projects. As an Astrologer Ursula, is shifting into her true calling to create and retrieve cosmic maps to help people navigate and discover their soul's journey. Ursula is available for Astrology readings and Aromatherapy/Astrological Aromatherapy consults, and recently launched her own podcast: Becoming Chiron - The Key to Unlocking Healing and Personal Alchemy. Ursula also created the signature aromatherapy blend for Sea Goddess Healing Arts, available for you to experience and enjoy in an Energy Cleansing Spray and Roll-on perfume (both are available in Ursula's store below).



Astrology is the ancient study of time and light. The Sun, Moon and planets influence us and our lives through their positions in the sky and through their cycles. An Astrology reading will reveal your birth day sky, which is your natal or birth chart*. Once the natal chart is cast, the beautiful exploration of the Soul's journey begins. The sky's the limit!


When we work together, I'll be your Cosmic Guide to assist you in achieving the highest vibration expression of your natal chart and to reach your fullest potential!