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URSULA DUFFY (Co-Founder & GOO/Goddess of Operations, Sea Goddess Healing Arts): is a Professional Astrologer, Certified Aromatherapist and Cosmic Guide. With her brand Ursa Alchemy, she blends intuitive and healing arts to support the soul. Ursula answered the calling from the universe over 10 years ago. Throughout that journey she learned how to develop her intuition and communicate with spirit while learning the healing arts of Astrology and Aromatherapy. She assists and supports her clients during their own personal transformation by guiding them to open their minds and hearts to the language of the plants, planets and spirit, and to Live in Touch with Their Soul.

For over 15 years Ursula worked as a certified professional Geospatial Scientist mapping for local and federal government. She has been a team leader in every position specializing in organizing, teaching, training and managing projects. As an Astrologer Ursula, is shifting into her true calling to create and retrieve cosmic maps to help people navigate and discover their soul's journey. Ursula is available for Astrology readings and Aromatherapy/Astrological Aromatherapy consults, and recently launched her own podcast: Becoming Chiron - The Key to Unlocking Healing and Personal Alchemy. Ursula also created the signature aromatherapy blend for Sea Goddess Healing Arts, available for you to experience and enjoy in an Energy Cleansing Spray and Roll-on perfume (both are available in Ursula's store below).



Astrology is the ancient study of time and light. The Sun, Moon and planets influence us and our lives through their positions in the sky and through their cycles. An Astrology reading will reveal your birth day sky, which is your natal or birth chart*. Once the natal chart is cast, the beautiful exploration of the Soul's journey begins. The sky's the limit!


When we work together, I'll be your Cosmic Guide to assist you in achieving the highest vibration expression of your natal chart and to reach your fullest potential!

*Minimum of birth date and location are required. Birth time information allows for full chart casting.



Aromatherapy is the exquisite art of healing through the use of aromatic plant essences (essential oils), carriers (dilution products) and personalized products (inhalers, massage oils, lotions, etc.). Aromatherapy is an ancient art and science. Working with an Aromatherapist creates the space for safe & effective use of essential oils to support the body, mind and Spirit.


I offer Aromatherapy consults and an Astrological Aromatherapy service, which includes a Birth Day Sky natal chart reading.



The Healing Arts Blend

What's your Soul's aroma? Astrological Aromatherapy blends the healing arts and sciences together through choosing specific essential oils based on a person's natal chart. This healing modality creates an alchemy of plant, planet and Soul unique to the person and his or her own personal journey.



Ursula is now a contributor to South Jersey's Shore Local Newsmagazine! Find her weekly Cosmic Connection horoscopes in-print and online. Shore Local Newsmagazine is published every Thursday and distributed across Southern New Jersey! Find it online here (search for horoscopes).





Read Ursula's first published article, The Reality of a "Mid-Life Crisis" and What Your Soul is Telling You, which is all about the Astrological event behind the upheaval many experience around age 40.

Find it here in Holistic Fashionista Magazine! 


Ursula offers payment plans. Email her here if you'd like to request a payment plan option.

In-Person Readings!

Astrology Thursdays at The Sage Lady with Ursula Duffy Graphic

Navigating Your Natal Chart Astrology Readings!

In-person readings with Ursula are available at The Sage Lady Shop inside

Zen Landing Wellness Studio in Mays Landing!


Wish you had a map or guidebook for your life?! Are you feeling there's a deeper meaning?

Your natal/birth chart holds many keys and secrets to your personality, characteristics and challenges. It's your personal map, guidebook and lesson plan for your life!

The 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month.

Readings are 30-minutes.

Appointment times are 9:30 am, 10 am, 11 am, 12 pm and 1 pm.

Click the button below for details and to book with Ursula.

Book ahead online or walk-ins are also welcome!

NOTE: This is for an in-person reading only!

Check out Ursula's Podcast. Now in its 4th Season!

Becoming Chiron Podcast Graphic

Becoming Chiron: The Key to Unlocking Healing and Personal Alchemy. Join hostess Ursula Duffy, Professional Astrologer and Certified Aromatherapist, as she shares no holds barred stories about her personal journey and experiences of having Chiron in the first house of her natal chart,

Dive deeply into all things Chiron and learn how to access the power and healing potential Chiron offers everyone through Ursula’s personal stories about the lived experiences of Astrology.

Be a Maverick!

Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and on the Sea Goddess Healing Arts YouTube channel.

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Do you know that your natal Moon phase holds a deep meaning? Want to learn how to create profound change in your life by working with Lunar cycles in a different way? Ursula teaches all this and more in her Lunar Alchemy class. Now available for download!

Ursula Duffy Lunar Alchemy Class Graphic
Harnessing the Power of Your Dragons Class Graphic
Astrology and Aromatherapy Class Graphic

Astrology & Aromatherapy

Astrology Themes in Cinema Star Lounge It's a Wonderful Life Class Graphic

Interested in a service not listed above?

Ursula invites recommendations, suggestions and creativity!


Her passion is in learning and working deeply with my clients. If there's a reading and/or service not listed in which you're interested, let her know. She's willing to explore other areas of Astrology and Aromatherapy!

Ursula co-hosts several of our Sea Goddess video shows including LIVE Readings!

Click the button below to watch her and explore our featured video shows, podcasts and YouTube Channel.

Click the buttons below for additional features and information on Ursula's website!

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