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  • What is Soul Space?
    We consider Soul Space, sacred space and circles any time we create a safe container for people to connect with their Souls and Higher Selves. Soul Space with Sea Goddess Healing Arts usually includes mediation, discussion, readings, sharing and Soul Inquiry, which is responding to a series of prompts/questions followed by journaling. We offer monthly Online Soul Circles and in-person Soul Space Circles. Check out our Classes and Events pages for upcoming Soul Space sessions.
  • What happens at a Drum Circle?
    Our Surf & Soul Drum Circles are held monthly during the Spring/Summer/Fall months at Caspian Point (Caspian and Maine Avenues) in the Atlantic City Inlet. These circles are a come-as-you-are gathering of souls playing drums, buckets, tambourines or any "instrument" that inspires you. This is a safe space to be yourself where self expression such as dancing, hula hooping, chanting, singing, etc. are all welcome as we join together to create a trace like experience to the beat of our collective sounds. Keep up to date on our drum circle schedule on our socials and on our events page!
  • Does Sea Goddess Healing Arts have a physical location?
    Sea Goddess Healing Arts is based in Atlantic City NJ, however we do not have a physical location at this time. We host and co-host many free community events in Atlantic City such as festivals held at Absecon Lighthouse and Surf & Soul Drum Circles, held at Caspian Point (Caspian and Maine Avenues) in the Atlantic City Inlet. You can find our pop-up vendor booth at local events where we sell our products and offer intuitive readings. We also host empowering classes and workshops online and locally in the Atlantic City area. Keep up to date with all of our events on our socials and on our events page!
  • What are the Healing Arts?
    Healing Art or a Healing Artist is a person, thing, experience, or place that awakens in you the opportunity and possibilities to heal yourself. Why do people want to heal? Typically to create some sort of relief or peace in their mind, body, or Soul. Healing can include many things. It could be heartache, a physical wound, an emotional wound, mental wound, or environmental wound. Typically, if we want to heal, there's something we are trying to heal from. When it comes down to it, the only person who can heal you is you. Sometimes we need some helpers or guides along our healing journey. However, you must consciously allow or embrace their medicine in order for their healing art to heal you. Healing is a divine experience that happens to us and for us, but we must be first open to receiving it. Rumi says "the wound is the place where the light gets in." Light is what our Souls are made of. When we heal, we are often revealing or calling back pieces of Souls, depending on where we are on our journeys, and the polarity of our perspective. Healing Art reveals the light of the artist and how they share their Soul's work. Pieces of their Soul's work can spark, or call back, pieces of your Soul and bright light. For we are all reflections. At Sea Goddess Healing Arts we believe that light can heal and transmute anything. That light on a wound or shadow can sometimes be the most healing balm. Let there be light, is one of the most powerful healing affirmations we can co-create with. For more information see our blog post about the Healing Arts:
  • What are Angels?
    Angels are your best friends, cheerleaders and guides. They can and will come to support you in all kinds of ways. Often a mix of Angels, Ancestors, Animals, Extraterrestrials, Elements, Energies and other Multi-Dimensional Beings, your team is here to help you navigate this lifetime and grow as a Soul. In this realm, we have many universal laws that create boundaries here in Earth School. One of them is the Law of Freewill. This law is the law that represents consent. Angels thrive on consent and gratitude. They will help you without permission, but it's much harder for them to bend the laws. When you pray and ask them directly for help. They are able to help guide you with far more ease. And honestly, they LOVE when you talk to and acknowledge them. Whether you say it out loud, in your heart, or in writing, they will feel it. There are many ways to build a relationship with your Angel Team. Simply asking for help is step one. No request is too big or small. They will respond in the most miraculous ways. Like most of our communication with the spirit world, Angels will often respond to you in subtle ways to help grow your relationship. Sometimes they will send you a song out loud or in your head. They may show up as flickering lights or Orbs of different colors. Angels love to use numerology and sacred geometry. They may show you numbers or symbols. Almost every time I take a moment for myself and breathe consciously, my Angels gift me a 222, or 333, or some other consecutive number that I see on my clock. It feels like a high five or pat on the back for nourishing myself and living in alignment. Also when we are living in alignment, magical synchronicities unfold, you can be sure to thank your Angels for those too. See our blog post All About Angels for more information:
  • What is a Tarot Reading?
    Tarot cards are a divination tool used to help understand the Soul’s journey. They can be used to show situations that occurred in the past, things that are happening now, and potentials in the future. The deck has four major suits and a major arcana. The suits represent internal struggles (wands), external struggles (swords), love and relationships (cups), and finances and foundation (pentacles). By using cards in a reading, it helps us to connect to our higher selves and gain clarity and perspective for current experience. There’s an abundance of decks of different styles. It’s best to choose which deck(s) resonate most for you.
  • What is Astrology / Why get a birth chart reading?
    Astrology is the ancient study of time and light. The Sun, Moon and planets influence us and our lives through their positions in the sky and through their cycles. An Astrology reading will reveal your birth day sky, which is your natal or birth chart. Once the natal chart is cast, the beautiful exploration of the Soul's journey begins. The sky's the limit!
  • What is Aromatherapy?
    Aromatherapy is the exquisite art of healing through the use of aromatic plant essences (essential oils), carriers (dilution products) and personalized products (inhalers, massage oils, lotions, etc.). Aromatherapy is an ancient art and science. Working with an Aromatherapist creates the space for safe and effective use of essential oils to support the body, mind & spirit.
  • What is Reiki?
    Reiki is an energy healing technique that promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety through gentle touch. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver energy to your body, improving the flow and balance of your energy to support healing.
  • What is Crystal Healing?
    Crystal healing is a modality to promote physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellness by using gemstones created by Earth. Crystals naturally sync with the vibration of our body’s energy centers (Chakras) and overall energetic field. Crystals intuitively diagnose imbalances and naturally rebalance energy for optimal health. They can help with energetic protection and removal of lower vibrations from the body. Crystals can be combined with Reiki to work in harmony and to create powerful healing results.
  • What is EFT Tapping?
    Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping is a method of healing/relieving symptoms of a negative experience or emotion by applying pressure to specific points along meridians of the body. The tapping points are combined with repeat affirmations designed to foster deeper healing, and be guided through gentle meditation. EFT Tapping can be used to support manifestation, reduce pain, change habits, release stress, and much more.
  • How do I cleanse my energy with sage/smudging?
    Sage is antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial. When burned, it cleanses and purifies the air around us, as well as, helps to cut energy cords that are no longer serving us. Simply light some sage, be sure to have a bowl or shell to collect any embers, crack a window, take a twirl in it and say: Thank you for releasing what is no longer serving me at this time. Thank you for bringing me back into harmony and balance with myself and that around me. Leave it by your front door and take a twirl when you get home. Using sage to cleanse a room or an entire house helps to clear the energy. Lighting a white candle after helps to keep the energy pure. Using a smokeless smudge spray, or an energy cleansing spray, is a wonderful alternative if you're sensitive to smoke. We offer a lovely Signature Scent Aromatherapy Energy Cleansing Spray, created and hand-crafted by Ursula. This one-of-a-kind spray is available in our Ascension Apothecary and/or via the link below!
  • What is Shielding?
    Shielding is a meditative and energetic practice where a person chooses to envision their entire body and energy field in a particular color of light. This is often paired with praying to one's higher self, angels, ancestors, spirit guides, God and more. When a person does this, they often sense peace and protection around their entire being. We recommend you take three deep breaths, and ask Archangel Michael to surround you in white and blue light and protect you. Breathe and do this as many times as you need to until you feel peace. We also encourage you to allow spirit and the angels to work on your behalf. Practice this technique, then give the opportunity to trust it. It can be practiced several times throughout the day if you would like.
  • The Finger Hold Reset Technique
    The Finger Hold Reset Technique has many variations and has been used by many healers throughout the world to release stress, emotions and anxiety, and come back into the present moment. It is believed that most acupuncture points in your hands connect to your organs and energy systems throughout your body. We recommend you hold each finger for 30 seconds or more while breathing deeply in through your nose and out of your mouth. Within 3-5 minutes your energy system and feelings will be reset. Watch the below video for an example.
  • How do I create change in myself?
    Here are a few practical tips and tools to optimize your energy during this manifesting season. Set an Intention for this Season. Perhaps this is a word/energy to focus on. For example, if you want to invite in more peace each moment. Using the affirmation I am peace, often, is transformative. Tune into your Vessel and Health. What is your body asking you for? What are 3 things you can do each day this season to honor your vessel? This could be sleep, healthy food, mental health support, exercise, etc. What can you incorporate each day to honor your Soul and invite in more joy? These could be things like playing music, time in nature, reading, a new hobby, a rabbit hole you can't get enough of, etc. Invite in more play and joy. You doing this seriously helps heal the world.
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