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The recent stranding of Whales has affected the hearts of many. We invite you to come together on the beach or online, live or at your leisure, for Waves of Love for the Whales and Waters on Saturday, January 28th from 2:30 to 4:00 PM EST.  This ceremonial event will include Prayer, Education, Meditation, Drum Circle, Music, and More. Join communities near and far to come together in Love, Peace, Harmony, Respect, and Intention to honor the Whales and send them healing vibrations. Whales are Sound Healers of the Sea and Re-Calibrators of the world. While we hold space and search for answers, one thing we can do as humans, is honor the Whales by the example they lead, and send loving, peaceful, healing vibrations to the waters of the sea.

The in-person event will be held Saturday, January 28th from 2:30 to 4:00 PM EST on Vermont Avenue Beach

(Crystals Beach) in Atlantic City.


Online Livestream will be available through Sea Goddess Healing Arts via Streamyard and will be streamed on

Facebook and YouTube; links are below.

This is a FREE EVENT for the community. We will be accepting donations for the Marine Mammal Stranding Center

the day of the event. We also encourage donations directly to the Marine Mammal Stranding Center online at


Formed in 1978, MMSC's mission is the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of marine mammals and sea turtles. The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is the only Federally authorized animal hospital in the State of New Jersey that responds to these animals in distress and provides medical treatment. They have responded to the recent whale strandings and appreciate your support in finding more information about this matter.

Register by January 31st and save!

A Breath of Salt Air Retreat.png
A Breath of Salt Air Retreat
We invite you to join Sea Goddess Healing Arts and Specialty Scuba for a week long All Inclusive Retreat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida April 17-21, 2023. This is an immersion into Spirit, Soul, Scuba, Breathwork, Sacred Ceremony, Astrology, Intuitive Healing and more.
Apr 17, 3:00 PM – Apr 21, 3:00 PM
Fort Lauderdale,
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Will you join us?!
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