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Video Shows & Podcasts
on Our YouTube Channel

Did you know that we have weekly, live video shows, a podcast and an incredible library of content on our YouTube channel?!

Tuesday LIVE Readings

Join The Sea Goddess Healing Arts Team for LIVE Oracle, Tarot, Astrology & Mediumship Readings!

This is a great time to sample our services and hold space in potent discussion.

Livestream available on our Facebook page, YouTube channel and now Instagram.

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Join Mandee Elam & Lexi Duquette for LIVE and DEEP DIVING DISCUSSIONS ON UNSCHOOLED!


Unschooled is a space where we talk about things we wish we learned in school. As well as, things we would like to relearn or rewire from what we learned in school. Please feel free to ask or send any questions or topics you would like us to discuss!

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Becoming Chiron Podcast

Becoming Chiron: The Key to Unlocking Healing and Personal Alchemy with Ursula

Dive deeply into all things Chiron and learn how to access the power and healing potential Chiron offers everyone through Ursula’s personal stories about the lived experiences of Astrology.

You can find Becoming Chiron on your favorite podcast app and on the Sea Goddess Healing Arts website and YouTube channel.


Salt Water for the Soul

Soulful conversation about life, love, growth, and ascension.


Sometimes you need to put salt water in a wound to heal it.


Join Mandee Elam and special guests as they discuss doing shadow work, surrender, accepting love, showing up for yourself, frequency, and much more.

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Explore Our Entire YouTube Library Here

Our library includes over two years of content!

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