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ALEXIS "LEXI" DUQUETTE has been from Western to Woowoo on her journey of learning to heal and live an authentically aligned life. Having battled through addiction, depression, ptsd, an intense fear of death since a young age, along with anxiety and many other ailments, Lexi has become a passionate advocate for mental health and self care.

Lexi has learned the value of an ever growing tool box of healthy coping tools and the importance of boundaries and surrounding oneself with great support along her journey. Despite at one point thinking her ADD had cursed her to not sticking with one path, she has learned that the wide array of modalities she has studied over the years and the numerous certifications was always apart of the plan and content for her passion to learn.

As a Mom to 4 kids, Lexi realized the importance of doing her own personal shadow work. It led her to learn about her own inner child, which has had a profound effect not only on her healing journey, but her parenting too. Being able to identify conditioning and multigenerational, handed-down mindsets has led her to see how our own childhoods play a part in our personal lives and parenting. Lexi connects with her inner child to create homemade goods that light her up and bring joy. From enchanted wall hangings, custom blended teas and herbal products, to self care kits, all items are made with the best intentions for self love and bringing harmony and peace into your space. 

Lexi has been a family advocate locally, and wants to support parents in their parenting journeys. From pregnancy and breast feeding support, night terror and sleep issues, to childhood diagnosis and fears, Lexi is ready to support parents where needed to help create more harmony in homes. 


Lexi uses her intuitive gifts to hold sacred space to create custom offerings that include access to a wide array of healing modalities including manual lymphatic drainage, reiki, sound healing, mediumship, dowsing, EFT, tarot and oracle readings, herbal consultations and more!


Bookings with Lexi are now available!

Lexi's Unique Boutique store is coming soon!