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JESS HIMMEL, Modern Day Mary Poppins, Intuitive Artist, and Energy Reader/Medium is a gifted sacred space holder Earth Goddess and gentle guide to all. She is a Conscious Caregiver for spiritually gifted children and leaves a trail of compassion wherever she walks. Jess is the founder of Orgone Original Works. Orgonite blocks EMF, WiFi & Cell Radiation and it turns negative ions (energy) into positive ions. Orgone is life force energy, aka Prana or Chi. Jess is a Stealth Healer, Medium, Intuitive Investigator, and Child Advocate who holds space with individuals and creates custom Orgone Energy pieces! 


Jess is now offering 60 Minute Oracle Card/Energy/Mediumship Readings!

Orgone Original Works LOGO

Jess is working on creating a custom, exclusive line of Orgone for Sea Goddess Healing Arts!

See samples of her beautiful creations below.

Jess co-hosts several of our Sea Goddess video shows including LIVE Readings!

Click the button below to watch her and explore our featured video shows, podcasts and YouTube Channel.

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