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Sea Goddess Healing Arts Soul Broadcast ~ December 2021

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Image credit: Luigi Boccardo on Unsplash

Hello, and welcome to the Sea Goddess Healing Arts monthly Soul Broadcast!

Our collective intention is to share with you topics and information relevant to current energies, the Healing Arts, tools and modalities, and whatever our Souls are wishing to share with you every month. This month's theme is All About Angels. We hope you love and find this new offering helpful, and a great resource in your own healing journey. Thank you for tuning into your hearts and our collective Soul space.


All About Angels

by Mandee Elam

(Co-Founder and GIC, Sea Goddess Healing Arts/Intuitive Ascension Guide)

Do you believe in Angels? I certainly do. Angels have shown up for me consistently throughout my life. When I was young, I questioned God and my faith. However, l had an unshakable inner knowing that Angels were real. They proved it and showed up for me in miraculous ways. They saved me as a child when I almost fell from a cliff, shielded me in high school as I rolled my Jeep on an icy mountain road, guided me to emotionally safe places, protected me from dangerous people, whispered comfort into my ears, and have supported me through my life's journey. They guide me when I am unconscious and co-create with me when I am in a conscious dimension. Now, they come with me to work everyday and help me assist others making sense of their sovereign Soul journeys.

Angels are your best friends, cheerleaders and guides. They can and will come to support you in all kinds of ways. Often a mix of Angels, Ancestors, Animals, Extraterrestrials, Elements, Energies and other Multi-Dimensional Beings, your team is here to help you navigate this lifetime and grow as a Soul. In this realm, we have many universal laws that create boundaries here in Earth School. One of them is the Law of Freewill. This law is the law that represents consent. Angels thrive on consent and gratitude. They will help you without permission, but it's much harder for them to bend the laws. When you pray and ask them directly for help. They are able to help guide you with far more ease. And honestly, they LOVE when you talk to and acknowledge them. Whether you say it out loud, in your heart, or in writing, they will feel it.

There are many ways to build a relationship with your Angel Team. Simply asking for help is step one. No request is too big or small. They will respond in the most miraculous ways. Like most of our communication with the spirit world, Angels will often respond to you in subtle ways to help grow your relationship. Sometimes they will send you a song out loud or in your head. They may show up as flickering lights or Orbs of different colors. Angels love to use numerology and sacred geometry. They may show you numbers or symbols. Almost every time I take a moment for myself and breathe consciously, my Angels gift me a 222, or 333, or some other consecutive number that I see on my clock. It feels like a high five or pat on the back for nourishing myself and living in alignment. Also when we are living in alignment, magical synchronicities unfold, you can be sure to thank your Angels for those too.

Remember, you are loved and supported by spirit. The Angels will help you in any way they can, as long as it's for your highest good. For the month of December, I am offering Buy One Give One on Angel Readings! You may gift this session to someone else, or yourself!

Thank you Angels!


Thank You Angels!

by Rachel Ahava

(Co-founder and Creative Director, Sea Goddess Healing Arts)

There’s a phrase we all say often here at Sea Goddess Healing Arts (Mandee gets all the credit for starting this one): “Thank You, Angels!” Usually said with a childlike enthusiasm to give gratitude upon a magical synchronicity or an Angels-got-your-back moment. As dark as this world can seem sometimes, when you call upon your Angel team for assistance they will respond in ways that remind us we aren’t alone. It can be as simple as finding a lost item, or pulling into the perfect parking spot in a busy lot, following up these moments with a “Thank You, Angels!” and maybe a little happy dance makes all the difference. The more we give gratitude for these blessings as they occur, the more magic and synchronicity become commonplace in our lives.

Angels aren’t just our guardians and loved ones in spirit we call upon for help, they are also you and me. Earth Angels. We all need assistance and give assistance throughout our earth journey. The intention behind this new design is to bestow all of us with our Angel wings and a little reminder to remain grateful always as we give and receive blessings along our way.


She talks to Angels

by Kendra Hammell, Higher Self Healing

In my Crystal Reiki practice, I always use crystals that enhance communication with the Angelic realm. I have them all over my home, my person, my car and work environment. I am always asking the Angels to guide me and protect me. This relationship and practice has helped me in my daily life and has brought me peace. Angels follow the Universal Law of Request, they will not interfere unless you ask them. It is the same for a Reiki healing, you need to accept the energy and encouragement for healing or it will go to where it is needed. It is always amazing to hear clients' reactions after a healing session, everyone experiences it differently, but so far the one feeling that's most common is Peace. Life can get chaotic, call in the Angels and ask them for help. I have chosen some crystals that assist in calling in Angels for healing as well as some other fun things. You can always contact me via email with questions!


(sky or heaven)

Celestite Crystal
Image credit: Kendra Hammell

This pale blue stone is associated with Archangel Haniel. It jump starts spiritual development and urges you towards enlightenment. It promotes purity of the heart and good fortune. Celestite is an effective opener and healer of the throat chakra. It's also a creative stone for the Arts. It synthesizes intellect with instinct and promotes mental balance. This mineral can be found in Lake Erie and Ohio.

Angelite or Anhydrite

Angelite Crystal
Image credit: Kendra Hammell

This crystal promotes feelings of Peace and Goodwill. When you want to bring support and guidance from Angels into your life, Angelite will bring energies tied to light, peace and Angel guidance. It connects us to divine light. This can be mined in Lima, Peru.


Selenite Crystal
Image credit: Kendra Hammell

Selenite cleanses the auric field. It can clear congested energies from the physical body, aids in detoxification, and raises the vibration of your being. It's a protective and clearing stone that absorbs negative energy. Mined all over the world, it is abundant in Morocco and Greece, but can also be found in Oklahoma.

Crystal Reiki Distance Offering

Custom Grid by Kendra Featuring Angel Crystals

The grid that is recommended for Angelic Healing is a 12 pointed star. I enjoyed making this and hope you are called to accept its healing. All you have to do is say:

"I accept the grid's intention for healing" and this energy will come to you with my pure intention of Angelic assistance, peace, harmony and release of dis-ease or whatever you may be trying to heal or are ready to be awakened to.

You can say the following affirmation and find somewhere quiet to rest while your body takes in Reiki. I recommend lighting sage or Palo Santo and clearing the space , you can find other helpful tips here! If you have any crystals that you are called to hold or place on your body this would be a good time to get them.

Affirmation: Today I let the Angels fill me with Angelic Inspiration and guidance.

You can focus on each point of the grid and follow it clockwise. Pay attention to anything that may become present as a sensation in your body. Enjoy the peace and calm for as long as you like and feel free to visit this newsletter often for returning healing and Peace and send to loved ones.

It is always suggested to hydrate and rest after Reiki.

Happy Healing!


Higher Self Healing


Looking UP in Awe and Wonder

Cosmic Angels

by Ursula Duffy

(Co-Founder and GOO, Sea Goddess Healing Arts, Professional Astrologer and Certified Aromatherapist/Founder, Ursa Alchemy)

Image credit: Wolfgang Hasselmann on Unsplash

The word planet translates roughly to “wandering star”. As the only constant in the Cosmos is change, the way we can relate to the planets, luminaries and stars is also extremely dynamic. The word Angel translates to “messenger”, and more specifically, “divine messenger”. We can work with the energy of the planets, luminaries and stars as our own personal divine messengers, or Cosmic Angels, tuning into the imprints and stardust we collect as we descend into the physical dimension on our way to embodiment. We can communicate, meditate and manifest with the Cosmos just like we can with our Spirit Guides, Higher Selves and Angels.

The best way to connect and communicate is visually, with the living sky, directly receiving the light and vibration in your physical body. Get outside and look UP! It’s easiest to receive and dialogue with the Sun and the Moon since they’re both visible most of the time. Currently, after sunset Venus is dazzling and in alignment with Saturn and Jupiter (all to the left of the Sun). Mars and Mercury are slowly emerging from the Sun’s rays and will be faintly visible before daybreak. Spotting our wandering stars is fun and easy, and there are plenty of apps like Sky Guide, SkyView and Night Sky if an interactive map is needed. Each planet has its own essence, correspondence and vibration available to us. Just like working with our Guides and Angels, all we have to do is connect and ask our Cosmic Angels for guidance.

December’s Lunations

Sagittarius New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse 12/4 - 2:43 am (EST)

(read more here)

Gemini Full Moon 12/18 - 11:36 pm (EST)


Stairway to Heaven

by Michelle Franzoni, Art by MU

Stairway to Heaven by Michelle Franzoni, Art by MU

Stairway to Heaven is one of Michelle's intuitive paintings capturing the energy of ascension and the Angelic realm. Michelle's intuitive painting and channeled artwork bring to life dreams and visions of ancient civilizations like Lemuria and Atlantis. Prints are featured on our website, including Stairway to Heaven.


One more thing before you go!

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We hope you enjoyed learning All About Angels with us!

With Love, Light & Gratitude,

The Sea Goddess Healing Arts Team

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